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    IRS Contractor Accused of Elevator Urination


    A contractor for the IRS has been charged with repeatedly urinating in a freight elevator in the IRSís office building in Detroit, causing an unpleasant aroma.

    Detroit resident Michael Hicks, 55, was charged with malicious mischief and damaging government property. He faces up to 10 years in prison, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    According to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, the IRS had to pay $4,626.25 in "deep cleaning" expenses to mop up after Hicks. The IRS began investigating the culprit behind the repeated peeing incidents on Aug. 16, 2007, after the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration received a complaint. TIGTA investigators installed a surveillance camera in the elevator to capture the malodorous malefactor and filmed images of Hicks relieving himself on several occasions. He ultimately confessed to his crimes during an interview in January 2008, but did not provide a satisfactory explanation.
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    This reminds me of someone I knew years ago who had major problems with authority, especially women in authority! He was a morning DJ and took pleasure in relieving himself on his boss's office door in the morning before anybody else would come in. They had a cat that lived there and the other people thought the cat was doing it.
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    I hope they audit his taxes. He should have thought cameras are almost everywhere especially in building owned by the government.

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    This is pretty nasty, but if he's sentenced to 10 years, I think that's a little excessive.

    I wonder if he pees on his floor at home

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanblueeyes View Post

    He ultimately confessed to his crimes during an interview in January 2008, but did not provide a satisfactory explanation.
    I'm struggling to come up with anything that would satisfactorily explain that behavior.

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    I worked for a man that was too lazy to walk to the restroom.
    he started out peeing in his plants, they kept dying and the plant company was tired of replacing them he then decided the "coffee grounds" story wasn't working anymore.

    So he started peeing in his trashcan in his office until the cleaning people refused to clean our office anymore, and ask me to confront him about it, after that he would go in the breakroom and pee in the sink.

    lazy nasty Son of a b&*%h

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    In my perfect fantasy I'm allowed to take that lazy guy and experiment with a shock collar on his dusty peaches. Everytime he even THINKS about not going the the men's room to do his thing, dzzzdzzdzzzz AAAA OWWWWW.

    I need an outlet. Maybe some yoga.

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