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    CA - Christine Eastin, 19, Hayward, 18 Jan 1971

    I just happen to be in a politics room on IRC and we were talking about Unsolved Mysteries. This person mentioned that their friend has been missing since 1971. They went to high school with her. Her parents are dead; her sister and friend are the only one still looking for her. Working to get video because this has been profiled on a couple shows on TV - not sure if they can get it for me though.

    The ex mentioned below apparently was cleared completely. No one thinks she ran away voluntarily. The friend thinks she may be a victim of Richard Allen Davis who abducted and raped a woman in Hayward in the 1970's...was employed at a company directly behind one the friend worked at as a secretary and he used to stalk her. He was the killer of Polly Klass. Let it be noted this is entirely speculation - when there are ZERO clues, you have to speculate .

    Here is a good site on her: http://www.geocities.com/~sunset-fal...hris/intro.htm

    Following are her missing persons listings.


    Left and Center: Eastin, circa 1971;
    Right: Age-progression at age 47 (circa 1999)

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    Christine Marie Eastin
    Missing Since: January 18, 1971 from Hayward, California
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: January 4, 1952
    Age: 19 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'7, 110 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Eastin has a scar on the center of her forehead, three-eighths of an inch in size. She has a surgical scar on her abdomen from an intestinal operation. Eastin's nickname is Christy (sometimes spelled "Christie").
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A black/brown leather coat, black boots, blue slacks, a red, white and blue pin-striped tunic and a bluish-gold scarf.

    Details of Disappearance

    Eastin borrowed her former boyfriend's 1969 Ford Maverick on the evening of January 18, 1972 in Hayward, California. She was going shopping with a friend and promised to wash the car before returning it later that night. Eastin bought a pair of boots while shopping, dropped her friend off, and then continued to Charlie's Car Wash, a self-service wash on Mission Boulevard in Hayward.

    The Maverick was located at the wash during the early morning hours of January 19, the following day. Eastin had apparently completed washing the vehicle's exterior before she vanished. The car was locked and papers from the interior were laying on the pavement outside of the driver's door. There was no sign of Eastin and she has never been seen again.

    Authorities initially believed Eastin had left Hayward of her own decision, but her family stated that all of her personal belongings were still at her residence and it was not her character to simply disappear. Eastin's case was reclassified as an involuntary missing person's case. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Her case received additional publicity in 2005, when a billboard appealing for information on her case was erected near the car wash where she disappeared.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Hayward County Sheriff's Office




    Christine Marie Eastin

    * Report Type: Suspicious Circumstances
    * Sex: Female
    * Race: White
    * Hair: Blonde
    * Eye Color: Blue
    * Height: 5 ft. 07 in.
    * Weight: 130 lbs.
    * Date of Birth: 1/5/1952
    * Nickname(s): Chris
    * Clothing: Black/brown leather coat, black boots, blue slacks, red, white and blue pinstriped tunic, bluish gold scarf
    * Last Seen: 1/18/1971
    * Scars/Marks/Tattoos: 3/8 inch scar on middle of forehead, surgical scar on abdomen
    * Dental X-rays Available: Yes
    * Age in photo 47

    Chris was last seen in Hayward, California. The car that she was driving was found with the doors locked at a car wash. Articles from inside the car were found on the pavement outside the car. Foul-play is suspected. Photo on the left is age progressed to 47 years old.


    Agency: Hayward Police Department
    Phone Number: (510) 293-7000
    Case Number: 71011297



    Christine Marie Eastin

    Missing since January 18, 1971 from Hayward, Alameda County, California.
    Classification: Involuntary

    # Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: January 4, 1952
    # Age at Time of Disappearance: 19 years old
    # Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'7; 130 pounds
    # Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair; blue eyes.
    # Marks, Scars: 3/8 inch scar on middle of forehead; surgical scar on abdomen.
    # Clothing: Black/brown leather coat, black boots, blue slacks, red, white and blue pinstriped tunic, bluish gold scarf.
    # Dentals: Available
    # Nickname: Christy
    # Other: DNA available

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Eastin borrowed her former boyfriend's car, a 1969 Ford Maverick, during the evening hours of January 18, 1971 in Hayward, California. She planned to take a female friend shopping and told her ex-boyfriend that she would wash his vehicle before returning it to him later in the night. Eastin purchased a pair of boots while shopping, then dropped her friend off at her friend's home before proceeding to Charlie's Car Wash on Mission Boulevard in Hayward. The car wash was a self-service operation and Eastin cleaned the vehicle by hand.
    The car was found abandoned at the wash in the early morning hours of January 19. The vehicle was locked and it was obvious that Eastin had completed washing the entire surface before disappearing. Papers which were originally located inside the Maverick were found strewn on the pavement outside the driver's side door. There was no sign of Eastin. She left all of her personal belongings at her home and had no travel plans. She has never been seen nor heard from again.

    If you have any information concerning Eastin's whereabouts, please contact:
    Hayward Police Department
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information

    Agency Case Number:

    NCIC Number: M-677740199
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information: Christine Eastin: Gone But Not Forgotten
    California Department of Justice

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    "If you knew Chris Eastin, I bet you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard she'd disappeared. Her mother's frantic call woke me up that night -- something I'll never forget, even though I reassured her Chris must be on her way home. I never imagined she'd leave us in such an abrupt and brutal fashion.
    Chris, Holly Pekkonen and I used to play together at Highland Elementary School in the Hayward hills. They moved, we lost touch, until years later when high school varsity games reconnected Christy and me -- both song girls, she for the Sunset High Falcons, and I for the Hayward High Farmers.
    Later, it was great to further refresh our long-ago friendship at Chabot College, but Christy would only know the exhilaration of being a teen in college for one full session. If you sent her a card that Christmas, it still exists. She'd kept them, treasuring her friendships. So many of you were much closer friends of hers than I, who shared all those "growing-up" years.
    Whether you knew that beautiful girl from school, church, work, or around the neighborhood, I hope you will think back without being daunted by the years which have passed. Please share anything you remember with Det. Frank Daley at the Hayward Police Dept., no matter how insignificant you think it may be. From many tiny puzzle pieces the big picture is formed. There is a reward.
    The last five years in which (Chris's sister) Victoria Cordova and I have tried to shine light in dark corners, have taught us how strongly most people feel about the "missing persons" issue. I've received some solid responses to my proposed National Day of Remembrance for the Missing.
    Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote of her support for legislation to ease the cross-referencing of missing person data bases. Congressman Pete Stark wishes us "the peace of closure." That's what we're after. May your new year be a blessed and happy one.

    Judy Ruiz Verhoek

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    Letter from Detective Daley to the Alumni of Sunset High School. December 23, 1998 On 1/18/71, Christine Eastin left her house in Hayward and went to the Jack in Box on Mission & Pinedale Ct. She met with her ex-boyfriend George Sponsel, who let her use his car to go shopping. Chris was going to return the car to George that night however she never returned. The car was found parked and locked at Charlie's car wash on Mission & Berry Ave. Christine was never seen or heard from again.
    Christine's mother died without ever knowing what happened to her daughter. Over the past 28 years her sister Victoria Cordova, has been wishing and hoping that Christine would be found. Miss Cordova has been working with one of the Christine's friend's, Judy Verhoek, trying to track down any information or witnesses that could help us find out what happened to Chris on the night of January 18, 1971.
    I have been searching for anyone that would be willing to provide us with any facts about Chris and her activities on that day. During the past five years I have interviewed numerous friends of Chris concerning their thoughts on what could have happened to her. I have interviewed her ex-boyfriend George Sponsel. He was unable to provide any information on what might have occurred to Chris.
    I have spoken to her friends, Rebecca Harris, Tannis Kristjanson and several other people that knew her. All of the persons contacted said Christine would have never left the area unless she was forced to. No one has heard from her since the day she was reported missing.
    I would like to talk to anyone that can tell me about other friends that Christine had that might be able to help me put this puzzle together. If you have any knowledge of places that Christine would frequent or people that she knew I would appreciate a telephone call or a letter.
    I want to make sure that Victoria is able to have closure to her sister's disappearance and that the person or persons responsible for Christine's disappearance and possible death are brought to Justice.
    Please help us put this mystery to an end.

        • Thank You,
          Detective Frank L. Daley #216
          Hayward Police Dept.
          300 W. Winton Ave.
          Hayward, Ca 94544 510.293.7066
          Fax: 510.293.7183
          Case # 71-1-1297

    Quotes from Articles David Legro,
    David Legro, the Hayward policeman who took the report on the scene in 1971, was among those who attended. "This has bothered me for 26 years," said Legro, now a sergeant with the Sonoma County Sheriff's office. He said he was glad to see that the case, the longest missing persons case in Hayward, was reopened three years ago under Detective Frank Daley.

    Vigil Recalls Woman Missing for 26 years Sunday, January 19, 1997 by Jeff Niese Detective Frank Daley,
    "I am investigating this case as a homicide because all circumstances point in that direction," said Hayward police Detective Frank Daley, who arranged for fliers with Eastin's picture on them to be handed out at the reunion. "I'm just trying to do what I can to rekindle things."
    On Monday night, Jan. 18, 1971, Eastin borrowed her ex-boyfriend's blue Ford Maverick and went shopping with a friend, Sandy McBride. Eastin bought boots, went home, then set out to fulfill her promise to wash the Maverick before returning it.

    25th Reunion Rekindles Death Probe Monday, September 2, 1996 by Glenn Chapman

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    "The persistent efforts by Detective Frank Daley gives me the confidence that there will be a resolution to Christy's disappearance. If anyone has a tidbit of memory about someone/something please express it, as it may be the one piece that proves very important."

    Victoria Eastin Cordova

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    CIRCUMSTANCES: The suspicious disappearance of Chris Eastin occurred as follows:
    On January 18, 1971 Chris left her house at 25096 Joyce St., in Hayward and went to the Jack in the Box on Mission & Pinedale Court. She met with her ex-boyfriend George Sponsel, who let her use his car to go shopping.
    She went shopping at Mervyn's in San Lorenzo with her friend, Sandy McBride. Eastin bought boots, went home, then set out to fulfill her promise to wash the Maverick before returning it. The expedition ended with Eastin takingher friend home and driving the '69 Ford Maverick to the self-operated car wash.
    Chris also stated that she was going to hand wash the car at a self service car wash. Chris set out for the car wash. At 0115 hrs on the 19th of January 1971, the vehicle was driven by Miss Eastin. The car was found parked and locked at Charlie's Car Wash on 25400 Mission Blvd. & Berry Ave., Hayward.
    The vehicle had been washed and locked. Articles of papers from inside the vehicle were located strewn next to the drivers door on the pavement. Eastin's purse and scarf were on the front seat of the locked car when it was found at the car wash the next day. That's where it was found later but "Christy" Eastin was nowhere to be seen. The 19-year-old who had lived her entire life in Hayward has been missing ever since.
    Chris Eastin had all of her personal belongings at her house and there were no signs that she was leaving the area. She didn't advise her mother or family that she was going to do anything other then return that night.
    Friends and family members scoured the city, showing people photographs of the missing girl. Because it was an era when young people across the nation were "turning on and tuning out," police initially reacted as if the 19-year-old woman had embarked on an adventure of her own design.
    Those who knew Eastin well were convinced otherwise. Eastin had just landed her first job and attended Chabot College in Hayward. Friends said she wasn't interested in drugs or the hippie culture.
    The weekend before her disappearance, Eastin stayed with a group of girlfriends at Cox's home on Alice Street. The girls bantered, cavorted and worked on a 1,200 - piece puzzle. The unfinished puzzle was put away and never worked on again after Eastin vanished. Cox and the other girls drove the Hayward hills searching for their missing friend.
    It is important that anyone having information concerning Chris Eastin's whereabouts on that date or any information that could assist in this investigation please contact Detective Frank L. Daley, 510.293.7066.



    Your Help: Below is a quote by Charlene Cox from one of the Daily Review articles about Chris. It demonstrates what information can be given to Detective Daley. Just because you don't think it's important doesn't mean it's not. After all, what lurks in the mind of police detectives and how they go about their conclusions.
    There is a reward. Okay, so it's not $100,000.00 as Christine Williams is...at the time Chris went missing, lots of kids were running away! Right...
    Remember Hayward didn't obtain a computer system or connections to the FBI until Michaela Garecht went missing.
    "She was one of those sweet people everyone seemed to like," said Charlene Cox, who had the job of the school mascot -- Fred the Falcon. "There was never any gossip about her. She didn't cut school, didn't do drugs .... she was very much into being rah-rah for class spirit."
    Eastin performed in plays put on by the high school drama department. She was class queen the year she graduated and had been a song girl, the former high school's version of a cheerleader.

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    Governor Schwarzenegger Offers Reward for Information in the Murder of Christine Marie Eastin
    by the
    Governor of the State of California


    P R O C L A M A T I O N
    by the
    Governor of the State of California
    WHEREAS, 19-year-old Christine Marie Eastin has not been seen since January 18, 1971; the car she was driving that day was found in Hayward at a do-it-yourself car wash, partially washed and under suspicious circumstances; and
    WHEREAS, the Hayward Police Department has investigated Christine’s disappearance as a kidnapping and murder and, despite pursuing all leads, this case remains unsolved after 34 years; and
    WHEREAS, Hayward Police Chief Lloyd Lowe believes there are people with first-hand knowledge of this crime who need an incentive to contact law enforcement and has asked that a state reward be offered to encourage these people to come forward; and
    WHEREAS, the family of Christine Marie Eastin fully supports the reward; and
    WHEREAS, public awareness and assistance is vital to law enforcement, and rewards often encourage public cooperation essential to apprehend those who have committed serious offenses; and
    WHEREAS, the Governor is authorized by Penal Code section 1547(a) to offer rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who has committed, or is charged with the commission of, an offense punishable by death; and
    WHEREAS, the reward will be paid in accordance with Penal Code section 1547.
    NOW, THEREFORE, I, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor of the State of California, do hereby offer, effective immediately, a reward in the amount of fifty-thousand dollars ($50,000) for new information, voluntarily given hereafter, leading to the arrest and conviction in a California court of the person or persons who committed or is/are charged with the commission of an offense punishable by death for the murder of Christine Marie Eastin.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have here unto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this the twenty-third day of February 2005.
    /s/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Governor of California

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    Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) - Sunday, July 29, 2001

    HAYWARD While the disappearance of 19-year-old Christine Eastin from a carwash one night 30 years ago would trigger alarms today, at the time it was treated as a routine report.

    The clues that detectives now look for were there.

    Christine, known as Chris, was reliable and would not make her family worry needlessly. Neither despondent nor suicidal, she was excited about a new job as a bank teller she was starting the next day.

    None of her clothing or other belongings were missing. The car she was driving was found with her purse locked inside.

    But in 1971, police treated missing adult cases much differently.

    "The police didn't touch it for 72 hours or take it seriously," said Victoria Cordova, Chris' older sister.

    Although police are inundated with missing persons reports, and only a fraction of them are cases of foul play, they are more likely today to take any suspicious case seriously, just in case.

    Among the 30,688 people reported missing in California last year, 24,799 were adults who left of their own free will. Another 603 disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Witnessed abductions by strangers accounted for 26.

    In Contra Costa County, 684 of 828 people reported missing last year are believed to have gone out of sight voluntarily, and 25 disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

    In Alameda County, 1,401 people were reported missing 1,226 apparently voluntarily and 32 under suspicious circumstances. Three were reported as stranger abductions.

    Most missing persons cases are opened and closed within a week, said Concord police Detective Kurt Messick. Suspicious disappearances are rare.

    Chris's disappearance would most likely trigger an intense investigation if it happened today.

    On Jan. 18, 1971, the former cheerleader and homecoming queen borrowed her boyfriend's car to go shopping. After she came home, she left the house about 10 p.m., telling her family she was getting the car washed before picking up her boyfriend from work.

    At midnight, her boyfriend called her house asking where she was.

    Immediately, her mother woke the household and drove straight to the carwash.

    The car was there, but Chris wasn't. Her purse was inside, and other items from inside the car were on the ground.

    Despite these alarming signs, investigators seemed to treat the disappearance as routine.

    Detectives let Chris's boyfriend take his car home. A few days later, they went back to check the car for evidence.

    Chris's disappearance was barely reported by the media. The local newspaper carried a small item about her. The first time Chris's face ever made the television news was a few weeks ago 30 years after she disappeared.

    Compare that to a 1999 missing woman case in Concord.

    A 35-year-old woman, seen leaving a bar one night with a man, didn't return home. None of her belongings were missing, and family members said she would not leave without telling her three children.

    Police worked for several days around the clock to find her, spending tens of thousands of dollars, said Concord police Sgt. Dave Chilimidos. A freeway was closed as detectives followed a bloodhound tracking the woman's scent. Her photo was published in the newspaper. Houses were searched. Fliers were distributed.

    Although the woman turned up safe a few days later, and it was determined she had been missing voluntarily, "we'd do the same thing again," Chilimidos said.

    Nowadays, most departments are just as aggressive.

    Hayward police Capt. Manual Silva, who went to Sunset High School in Hayward with Chris, said investigators treat missing persons cases much differently now.

    When Chris disappeared, waiting 72 hours to take a report was common and the report could be a paragraph long, he said.

    Now, police are required by the state Department of Justice to immediately take a report. The department also specifies that agencies must give "priority to handling of the report."

    "It's a big change," said Silva, who now makes sure old missing persons cases aren't gathering dust somewhere.

    Now, detectives "jump" on cases of missing persons determined to be at risk, he said, sometimes within hours of the report.

    A missing person may be considered at risk if he or she has Alzheimer's, is suicidal or leaves behind life-sustaining medicine, such as insulin for diabetes. Other things will trigger suspicion, such as the disappearance of a normally reliable person or of someone who leaves belongings behind.

    Detectives now contact other police agencies, the media, interview family and friends and conduct searches.

    Along with taking advantage of advances in using forensic and biological evidence, investigators also try to track the person on paper by looking at credit card use and other financial transactions and at computer use.

    Despite improvements, missing persons investigations can go further, some family members say.

    "Things are very, very slowly changing," Cordova said. "At least they are changing."

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    Where was Ted Bundy in 1971? Although he preferred brunettes, he did attack a few blondes. I wonder if anyone investigated his whereabouts at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raindrops300 View Post
    Where was Ted Bundy in 1971? Although he preferred brunettes, he did attack a few blondes. I wonder if anyone investigated his whereabouts at that time.
    They don't have anything beyond his own words saying he killed first in 1972. His first murders started in Washington. So I don't think he's the one.

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    What about Charlie Manson and there crew. Weren't they around at that time ?

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    Charles Manson was already being sentenced to death in early 1971.

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    As I mentioned, a friend of hers said they think it could be Richard Allen Davis. No proof at all, since there are no clues, but he did kidnap a girl in Hayward in the 70s.

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    As I mentioned, a friend of hers said they think it could be Richard Allen Davis. No proof at all, since there are no clues, but he did kidnap a girl in Hayward in the 70s.

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    There was an episode on Unsolved Mysteries about a girl who was abducted from a carwash by two men who were pretending to be washing their car.Neighbors heard her scream,and looked in time to see her abductors squealing tires away from the scene. They realized that they had seen these two men in this car earlier that night go down the wrong way on a one way street. These two men were arrested years later for kidnapping as i recall,and one got a pretty light sentence and said the girl was alive when he left her with his partner.Neither was charged with murder,and as far as i know,her body never turned up.Sorry,but i cant remember the names or when/where it happened so if someone can post it here please do so
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    Okay found an update:
    "On December 29, 1991, McDuff and a life-long alcoholic named Alva Hank WOrley were driving around Austin Texas looking for drugs. Worley would later testify that McDuff several times pointed out attractive women and implied that he would like to "take them." Eventually they spotted Colleen Reed, a 28-year-old accountant, washing her black Mazda at a car wash. McDuff grabbed her and forced her into their car. Witnesses heard her screams and called police but it was too late. Reed was driven out of town and raped by both men. Worley said later that eventually she tried to resist McDuff, possibly by biting him, and that McDuff struck her so hard Worley thought he heard bones breaking and Reed appeared to be unconscious or dead. Worley was dropped off soon after this and McDuff disposed of the body."

    Her abductor/killer was serial killer,
    Kenneth McDuff

    heres a link to the story: http://www.geocities.com/verbal_plai...-p/mcduff.html
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