This building was damaged during huricane Ike last year. Alot of people just returned back to their condos recently. the top floor is completely gone.
So sad to see these people going through this. Praying for the families who have lost everything again.

The fire broke out around 2:15 p.m. and Galveston fire crews were on the scene minutes later.

Every firefighter in Galveston is fighting the blaze, including those who were off-duty Wednesday. They've also brought in help from surrounding communities including Jamaica Beach, Texas City, La Marque and Santa Fe.

When Air 11 first arrived, the flames were confined to one corner of the complex.

Within minutes, the fire had spread to dozens of other units. There are 164 units in the complex.

AIR 11

The flames quickly spread out of control at the Miravilla Condos.
Everyone inside was evacuated safely, according to Galveston officials.

ETA: video at link.