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    Maps, Timelines, Photos

    I'll go back and gather these up from the old threads. But if anybody has anything pertinent to this thread, please post!

    AmandaReckonwith's photobucket album for the case: http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/m...eh%20Buchanan/

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    Mapping, the addition of the beer can and known purchase store of Hi-Lite super market has given me another mapping point. Mapping points used and routes in purple are from "Charolette Arms" to Motel 7" to "Hi-Lite super market" to M-50 the only route taken to Dixon rd area where the body was found. You may draw your own conclusions over time. Purple is traced routes from location to location.

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    within the boundaries of responsible sleuthing

    crime scene photos taken and posted by Scarlett

    I thought will copy these photos here also, so these will not 'get lost' in other threads

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlett View Post

    walking toward the embankment

    behind me as I walked toward the embankment

    approaching embankment...notice you cannot see the bank because the drop is so steep. the water you see is 30 feet below where I am standing

    looking down the path...she was laid on the bank to the left in the pic

    close up of path

    close up of where she was laid on bank...memorials are there now

    another of the memorial

    distance shot of memorial

    left side of path...the grass has been trampled by LE/ME and visitors, but was not trampled before

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    Link of map that shows distance between R.L. Smith residence and Hi-lite market where beer was reportedly puchased:

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Roy Lee Smith

    Many thanks to peliman.
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