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    Mark McClish, on his statement analysis website, offers ways to look at statement to ferret out the lies. http://www.statementanalysis.com/lying/

    About a half an hour after she went outside. I had a really good friend of mine and her daughter stay the night with us. And my good friend`s daughter came in and she said, Nevaeh`s outside riding her scooter in the road.

    That`s when I immediately got up and I looked for my shoes. It took a couple of minutes, a few minutes to look for my shoes. And then after that, I went outside and I noticed that she was missing and called her name.
    She's lying #1: She "immediately" got up and looked for her shoes. Why would she need shoes to open the door and tell Nevaeh to get off the road and come in? The "immediately" is JB wanting us to think she was right on it; the shoe thing? too many details. It's only relevant to her because the next part of her story is going to be a 45 minute outdoor search. She'll need those shoes.

    She's lying #2: She says, "And then after that, I went outside and I noticed that she was missing and called her name." If you went outside to call your child, you wouldn't "notice she was missing." You would say, "I looked outside but I couldn't see her. So I called her name." She can't be "missing" at this point from the perspective of a mother who is recounting a true story of what happened. She is just not in sight. You would call her name BEFORE concluding she is missing, not after. And you would look around the apartment and neighborhood before thinking that a child is missing.

    She's lying #3: Notice the whole set of sentence fragments that follow, leaving the first person pronoun out. "Looked through," "Went to,"...where is the "I"? No one recounting such a story would fragment this way; someone really remembering would say, "I looked, I went, I..." And where is this good friend and her daughter? Why is she alone looking for the child? She spends 45 minutes looking and doesn't get help, at least not in this version of the story. Please.

    She's lying #4. McClish talks about unusual statements, weird fragments and screwed up sentences that are caused when people make up stuff on the fly instead of remembering it. Here's a doozy: "Yes, because she told me she was going back upstairs to her friend`s house. And that`s assuming where she went." First, if the transcript is correct, this statement is an answer to NG pushing on that timeline, the one that keeps moving, probably because the time of death is going to be a problem. What does the timeline have to do with what Nevaeh told her? The question and answer don't jibe. And look at that fragment, which does not at all connect to the sentence before. She wants to say, "I assumed that's where she went." Switching the verb tense from the past (normal story telling) to the present progressive (assuming) is one indicator of lying. The statement is radically true from another viewpoint: "And that's assuming" again leaves out the first person--she doesn't say "I assumed" because she DIDN"T assume Nevaeh went upstairs. She knows that the child didn't go upstairs. "That's assuming" is a phrase we use when we are in the present and talking about some variable in our calculations. E.g., "We'll have enough money for a new roof. That's assuming that Joe still has a job in the fall." In her story, she is literally "assuming" that Nevaeh went upstairs; otherwise, she can't account for why she didn't pay attention to her other than to either admit negligence or that the scooter story isn't true. Boxed in, she tells a story that "assumes" the child went upstairs.

    She's lying #5: ”I have never left her alone with him," said Jennifer, “There was always another parent with her and him.” As kiki noted above, this is a bizarre statement. Another parent? What a normal person would say is "another adult." But here she is making up "another parent" when there clearly can't be one. Unless there is another "daddy" like 'Daddy George."

    And McClish says saying "I'm innocent" or "not guilty" (legal terms) is not the same thing as saying "I didn't kill my daugher" or "I don't know who killed her."

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    Quote Originally Posted by nervous_nellie View Post
    yeah - this popsicle is bugging me. i dont have kids so maybe this is normal, but how did nevaeh get the popsicle on her own, if jb cant even get up to get her a popsicle im sure she was not thinking about dinner, im suprised that she hasnt tried to say that nevaeh cooked dinner too!? the way she has consistently described nevaeh is like she is 10 years old...i dont believe much of anything she has said, its just way weird.
    Heh. Just easier to call Nevaeh a liar who claims not to be hungry--even though she is eating a popsicle in this preposterous story. I rarely use smilies, but....

    There should be a "pants on fire" smilie.

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    I don't find the popsicle odd. My kids don't need me to get them from the freezer for them and I'm sure they would prefer one over some of my cooking. It just sounds to me like JB maybe wasn't that keen on cooking the dinner and making sure it's routinely on the table at the same time each night and they do snacks and fix something more only when it's becoming obvious that everyone's very hungry. I have been known to do it too so I'm not blaming her too much but "she lies about hunger" was a strange way to phrase it. I bet most parents have had their kids say they're not hungry or tired when it's blind obvious that they must be, but it would rarely be called lying and would be recognized as the child's difficulty to recognize the sensations or reluctance to stop playing instead of dishonesty.

    It's possible she might have brought the whole thinking about dinner thing up because she got criticized about sitting on the couch watching Jon and Kate and thought sitting on the couch thinking about dinner would be a more good-mom thing to do.

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    *IF* this mother were for w/e reason (hypothetically speaking) responsible for her own daughter's death, (ie after toileting "accident" we've heard about, jealousy, resentment at responsibility, or other reasons proposed) it's next to impossible for me to imagine her managing this disposal herself. Yet I can't for the life of me fathom anyone being willing to risk being an accessory either--even within this nefarious circle. That's the hitch in what would otherwise seem an almost perfect setup. A mom loses her temper, then stages a cover-up to appear as though clothing were removed, an empty beer can etc suggesting a crime motivated by sexual abuse that was perpetrated by male(s). Her flat affect is unshakable, and not making it easy to perceive her as a victim. Either this mom's been severely traumatized herself, or she's one cool customer.

    Pittsburghgirl: ITA Your application of McClish's statement analysis is really insightful and right on target IMO.

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    within the boundaries of responsible sleuthing

    After NG


    In this report, after she walked out of the nancy Grace show,
    JB says NG got it all wrong, 'and she actually saw her daughter twice'.

    Holly also says here, 'she's not pregnant'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Searchfortruth View Post
    I was floored too. I guess she could have been trying to make her story sound better so that she doesn't look as neglectful (didn't work very well, IMO). I don't quite understand why she is pointing fingers at GK and "girlfriend" when in the beginning she thought that he had nothing to do with it.
    It's like this - if Jennifer is having trouble with a changing timeline it's because she wasn't paying any attention to her daughter's whereabouts. I think she's never paid much attention to what her daughter was doing or going. As long as Nevaeh wasn't crying, whinning or asking for something, it was status quo for Jeniffer.
    Whatever we hear from Jeniffer about the events surrounding her daughter's disappearance is not the facts but Jeniffer's attempt to cover any criticism about her parenting skills. I think she's more than a little shocked that so many people are pointing out her obviouslack of care for this five year old.
    I think Jennifer has only been back into her child's life a few months since her own mother has custody of Nevaeh and has since Jennifer was doing time in jail for her home invasion crime.
    If what I hear, that she committed the home invasion in order to support her drug habit, we can be sure Jennifer has never had an active role in caring for her little girl in the past. And, we have no idea how well the grandmother was doing as a caretaker. I suppose the grandmother, who was holding a job, was relying on Jennifer to keep an eye on Nevaeh while she was working. And, it's easy to see that Jennifer, for whatever reason, was not interested in caring for her daughter.
    A babysitter would have given more attention to Nevaeh than her mother did.
    None of this makes Jennifer guilty of killing her daughter, or even knowing who committed this crime but it does point out that Jeniffer did little to look out for the welfare of her daughter.
    We will never hear an exact timeline of events prior to Nevaeh's disappearance from Jeniffer.
    The Hokey Pokey Clinic - A good place to turn yourself around:

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    I agree, AZ. I think Jennifer was totally ignoring her daughter and is trying to rewrite history to make herself look better. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she's starting to believe her own stories.

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    Doesn't it strike you as pathetically ironic that she was watching "John and Kate plus 8" where these people were trying to take care of 8 children while she's in the act of deliberately not attending to just 1 child?

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    Mom also said she "found the scooter and haven't seen her since".

    The analysis hereinabove is spot on. Mom didn't have a clue as to where Neveah was from the moment she walked out the door and didn't bother to find out until her overnight guest's daughter tattled and even then she searched for her shoes for 20 minutes when another child knocked and asked Neveah's whereabouts.

    6:30 Neveah leaves the house with a popsicle.
    7:00 Child tattles. Neveah is still around.
    7:20 Second child knocks on door. Neveah is no where to be seen.
    8:00 call to GK
    8:15 call to 911.

    According to mom's timeline, Neveah disappeared between 7 and 7:20pm.

    The last independant witness to see Neveah alive is the child that had just spent the night at JB's with her own mother.

    IMHO, the person who buried Neveah was resigned to the fact that his life was over. He threw the can of the last beer he would drink for a very, very long time into the haphazard concrete grave. It is symbolic. With her death he was doomed. His immediate destiny was set whether she was found or not. He anticipated that his actions would be scrutinized and he would lose his freedom. It shows.

    There is a reason he thought he would be scrutinized and it is because he is associated with Neveah and her family and would be questioned as a matter of routine.

    So where was everyone between 7 and 7:20? Is this about the same time GK was out of his GF's mother's house in a borrowed car driving parolees to the jail for visits?

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    If Nevaeh told JB where she had intending to go when she left the apartment after attending to her personal needs, I wonder why NB didn't go home and tell JB when she was intending to go outside when she left Kuhn's apartment? rystal Kuhn should be able to fill in the details. Do we know how long JB's friend and her daughter visited at the Buchanan home? I am puzzled as to why Nevaeh and JB's friend's daughter weren't playing together that afternoon yet later JB says the girl came in to say NB was driving her scooter on the road.

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