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I think what the line of reasoning is here: If the calls went to an answering machine, while being answered by a live person, Jannelle, AND the answering machine continued to run and play over a monitor, then Mike, in this case, would actually hear BOTH sides of the conversation. If not, and there was no monitor with audio out, he would only know what Jannelle SAID and what SHE said, the caller said.

In other words, with the speaker on during the call, we hear the ENTIRE conversation. If the speaker was NOT on, we only hear ONE side of the conversation. Further, if this occurred before other responders got there, we have only two witnesses to this, at best, regardless the monitoring circumstances.

My personal answering machine in 1992, (which was already three years old then), was two standard cassette tapes (they would play on any cassette deck). If I picked up a call after the machine got it, it would continue to run, and audio of the call (both sides) fed out. Some systems, in those days, stopped when you picked up the receiver.
I appreciate that information. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what it meant. I am now aware of what you are saying. My digital answering machine goes to the recorded message after four rings and if I don't answer it I have to listen to the machine blaring out at me while I am talking on the phone. Very frustrating. I should read the instructions on how to extend the rings.

Since this was an older tape type answering machine I wonder if any effort was ever made to listen to the alleged obscene calls and other calls that were allegedly erased. In the end it might have been useless but it would have cleared up this long lingering question much the same as has been debated endlessly about the broken globe.

Thank you for clearing this up.