Hello All,

I'm thinking of the abrasions or cut on CC's arm. I just reviewed the starbucks video.

Now then... Why don't a number of you with righties and lefties in your family do a little test.

Situate yourself at a table like JM was situated, with someone to your left near the corner of the table to the left (they would then be facing you as if sitting at a square table). Have them pretend there is someone to their left filming -- tell them not to get in the way of that filming of you during the experiment.

Put a coffee cup with a pull off or twist off lid there on the left corner of the table. Have your person pull or twist the lid off of the cup. Watch their hands -- which do they use to hold the cup, which do they use to take the lid off? Have them hand you the cup. Which hand do they use to hand you the cup? (remind them not to get in the way of the camera filming you.)

Now then, have a spoon or something similar on the table near where the cup was. Ask them to pick that up and hand it to you. Which hand do they use?

Simpler version of the test, if you do not have someone else there to help, approach a pull off or twist off cup, which hand do you use to remove the lid and hand the cup to an imaginary person? (no matter whether that person is situated to the right or left of you.)

FINALLY, the most important part of the experiment is knowing whether the person is a rightie, a leftie or ambidextrous ALONG WITH which hand they used to do which thing (remove lid, hand cup, hand object on table.)

I think I have my answer to the question of whether CC was a rightie or a leftie (and I have a reason for knowing), I called my husband into the kitchen to do the experiment. LOL he thought I called him into the kitchen to give him a hard time about some kinda mess he made there and left for me.

He and I have reviewed the video -- we both independently came up with the same answer on whether CC was a rightie or leftie.

Okay Sleuthers! what do you determine? what are your findings in the experiment.