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    Police concerned for pet owner living in squalor

    Happy New Years

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    I'd be scared to death in there with all those rats! She is not that old; I wonder if there is something else wrong with her to make her act this way? Heck, I've had six pets at a time myself. Of course, mine were always as fat and happy as the rest of the family. I hope she gets the help she needs.

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    And I wonder just how sick the animals really were. Parvo? Heartworms? I've had dogs with heartworms live to age 10 or older. One of my rescue bassets had heartworms and I spent $500 treating and the treatment killed her. Yes, she obviously needs some help, but now they took and killed her pets. Just what does she have to live for now?

    Seems rather heavy-handed to me. She didn't have 30 or 40 animals, wasn't a breeder. I personally had 6 dogs until my female chihuahua was run over last month by kids on a go-cart. It would kill me to have my animals seized.
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    They're even trying to figure out how to force the woman out of the home and into "better conditions". Apparently she rents since there is a home owner, and the house doesn't look bad on the outside. I really hope the woman is ill or incompetent to have her pets taken away and be forced out of a home that she must be maintaining rental and utility payments on.

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