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    John Ramsey - The Real Man Michigan Voters should know

    A big thank you to A Candy Rose on FFJ for refreshing our memories about John and the "Foundation". The bold, etc. is mine.

    2 A. No. It wasn't our intention to
    3 raise public money. I set up a foundation
    4 for my other daughter, which still exists, by
    5 the way. We were desperate to honor our
    6 daughter in some way, and that was our
    7 attempt to do it, and why we have been
    8 criticized for that, I don't know.
    9 Q. You put out a press release that
    10 gave an address for contributions to be made
    11 to the foundation.
    12 A. I don't remember ever asking for
    13 contributions.
    14 MR. WOOD: Do you have a copy of
    15 the press release?
    16 MR. KANE: Yes. As a matter of
    17 fact, I do.
    18 MR. WOOD: Why don't you let him
    19 see it.
    20 THE WITNESS: I would like to see
    21 it.
    22 MR. KANE: I have what the Denver
    23 Post has published as coming from your press
    24 release.
    25 MR. LEVIN: While he gets booted


    1 up on that just so that we don't waste time,
    2 how about if I ask him questions on another
    3 matter? Does that work for you procedurally?
    4 MR. WOOD: Sure.
    5 THE WITNESS: Can I respond to
    6 that though?
    7 MR. WOOD: Go ahead, John.
    8 THE WITNESS: I am offended, and
    9 I have been offended. I have been offended
    10 that you investigated that foundation during
    11 the grand jury. I have a mind to disband
    12 it and treat it just as a private -- we
    13 want to honor our daughter, and we have
    14 received nothing but grief from you folks,
    15 from the media over that attempt, and I am
    16 baffled by that.
    17 Q. (By Mr. Kane) I'll get it, but
    18 I want to follow up on that, you made an
    19 application for it to be a 503(C) charitable
    20 foundation, haven't you?
    21 A. Yes.
    22 MR. WOOD: I think it actually
    23 has been so designated.
    24 MR. KANE: Has it been? That
    25 was what I was going to ask you.


    1 THE WITNESS: Yes.
    2 MR. WOOD: There was a mistake in
    3 the book jacket cover that indicated an
    4 application had been made. An application
    5 for tax exempt status has been submitted, and
    6 I remember someone called it to the attention
    7 of the publisher that, in fact, it had been
    8 granted. I don't sit here and represent
    9 that I have seen it, but I do know that
    10 information.
    11 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Has any, to your
    12 knowledge, any of the money that ever has
    13 been in that foundation ever been given to
    14 any charitable --
    15 A. Yeah.
    16 Q. -- or social --
    17 A. Not to the level we would have
    18 hoped. I mean, our original plan was that we
    19 were going to sue the hell out of the
    20 tabloids and donate it all to the foundation
    21 and do some very significant things. That
    22 has been a tough process.
    23 So we have not been able to do
    24 with it what we hoped, but I hope some day
    25 we can.


    1 Q. You did get money from the
    2 public, though, that came in?
    3 A. Very, very little. I got -- the
    4 most significant donations I got were from
    5 two friends. One was the president of
    6 Lockheed-Martin, sent $1,000, and my boss
    7 sent $1,000. We probably received a few
    8 very small checks.
    Two things stand out:

    1. He is offended. He is offended to be asked to take a polygraph. Now he is offended that they looked into the foundation. He's always offended that guy! Then, out of the other side of his mouth, during interviews, he swears he understands the family must be investigated.

    Notice how he threatens to disband the foundation as if to punish them for investigating it. Who gets punished in reality? Only the children they lied about wanting to help through the foundation! Notice how angry he got to the point of saying he has a mind to disband it.

    Sadly John, you don't have a mind for anything! Perhaps he really does need to "grow a brain".

    2. Notice how insignificantly he portrays the "small checks" from the public. Ever, ever see a foundation or charity not thank those who can only afford to send "small checks".

    Sometimes collecting beer cans is not always profitable for us folks and we can only send small checks!

    3. Notice how Lin Wood tries to once again blame the claims on the publisher making a "mistake" on the book jacket.

    Doesn't the RST read??????????
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    God Bless America

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    wonderful post and worthly of e-mailing out at the end of Trish's post.

    Again, People MUST NOT FORGET what sort of people the Ramsey’s are. This is a man seeking office. I am sending this as well to every newspaper in Michigan.

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    What? Now it's the 'publisher's' fault the book jacket was wrong?

    Didn't the Ramsey's have final approval? After all they mentioned their generosity to the JB foundation, in their book.

    Don't tell me sharp eyed John didn't notice the book was donating the profits to the charity and not to himself???????
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