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    CA - Mariela Paredes, 24, killed, 4 hurt in Simi Valley shooting, 1 July 2009

    SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – A gunman opened fire inside a busy dental office in an apparent domestic dispute Wednesday, killing one woman and critically wounding three others, police said. A fourth person was grazed by a bullet.

    The suspect — wearing shorts, no shirt and with a shaved head — barricaded himself inside the Family Dental Care office, police Sgt. Karl Becker said. He surrendered after a hostage negotiator coaxed him out about an hour after the shootings.

    Detectives did not release a motive or identify the suspect. But the Ventura County Star newspaper reported that a dental office worker said the gunman was married to the slain victim.

    In the minutes after the attack, police evacuated more than a dozen people from the dentist's office and a chiropractic office next door, including two children who witnessed the shooting.


    May she RIP and may the Lord be with the survivors.
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    Man convicted of 2009 murder - June 30, 2017

    Jaime Paredes, 38, pleaded guilty Monday in Ventura County Superior Court to the first-degree premeditated and deliberate murder of his wife, Mariela Paredes, said Tate McCallister, the senior deputy district attorney handling the case.

    Paredes also pleaded guilty to the premeditated and deliberate attempted murder of Christian Carpio, Gloria Castrellon and Lydia Carranza, who along with Mariela Paredes were working at Family Dental Care at 495 E. Los Angeles Ave. at the time of the shooting. The defendant further admitted to personally discharging a firearm, causing great bodily injury.
    The case against Paredes was delayed in large part because he was found to be incompetent in 2009 and could not stand trial, McCallister said. The incompetency claims were based on the fact that his loss of hearing had not allowed him to develop intellectually as a child.

    Paredes was subsequently sent to Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino County, where he remained until 2015, when the district attorney’s office decided to challenge the incompetency claim. The matter went to trial in October 2015, but the DA’s office lost and Paredes was transferred back to the hospital.

    Following a reevaluation by hospital staff, it was determined in May 2016 that the suspected shooter was “fully competent, quite intelligent” and able to “communicate and understand things with the assistance of hearing aids and sign language,” despite being legally deaf, Mc- Callister said.
    Simi Valley man sentenced for murder of wife, attempted murders of three

    A man was sentenced Friday to 71 years to life in state prison for a 2009 shooting spree in which he killed his wife and wounded three others at a Simi Valley dental office where she worked.
    "This was a horrible case," he said. "I think the sentence will ensure that he's in prison for the rest of his life. I can't say for sure what the parole board will do, but based on the crimes and the number of people whose lives he shattered, he's an individual I hope is never paroled."

    McCallister said that even though they weren't in court Friday, some of the surviving victims and Mariela Paredes' family gave victim impact statements to the Ventura County Probation Agency.

    "So they did make their views known to the judge," he said. "But nobody wanted to be here today to be in the same room with that defendant and have to face him after what he had done to them."

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