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    FL - Milton, WhtFem 660UFFL, 20-35, Weaver Creek @ Eglin AFB, Mar'86

    The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying a subject whose remains were found in 1986.

    On March 12, 1986 human remains consisting of a skull were found floating in Weaver Creek, a subsidiary of Yellow River, on the Eglin Air Force Base Property located in Santa Rosa County. The remains were found floating approximately 25 yards from shore.

    Since the discovery, the remains have been examined by numerous experts who have concluded the following:

    • White female with possible Spanish descent
    • Had been in the water 2 – 6 weeks
    • Unable to determine cause of death
    • Between 20 – 30 years of age
    • Between 5’3” to 5’06” in height
    • Moderate muscular build & between 115 – 135 lbs.
    • Carried at least two children to term
    • Smoked cigarettes
    • Probably right-handed
    • Used drugs to excess by snorting
    • Had poor dental hygiene with distinctive dental features
    • The skull also indicated partially healed fractures of both the right and left temporary bones that appeared to be at least 1 ½ years old
    • Dental Records have been entered into NCIC but have not produced any matches

    The first composite was done in 1986 by Cpl. Daniels with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office. Recently, a second composite was completed by Deputy Moody with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and was aged to 45 years of age due to the victim possibly a heavy drug user that may have resulted in a fatigued, prematurely-aged appearance.



    Link has the composite pics.
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    The above link does not work, this does


    How do they tell that she was pregnant twice from a skull?

    She is not in Namus but here is her Doe Net page

    and the press release from the county website:

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    They had to have more than just the skull in order to determine an estimated ht. and wt. Strange though that the articles focused on the skull.

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    What about Khiva Kniffen http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1528dffl.html ? I assume the DNA is on record for both and would rule this out... but age, location, time frame and having two children fits. I'm not sure about her use of tobacco, though.

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