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    Quote Originally Posted by phylliyum View Post
    That was Jessica Lunsford, the 9 year old from Homassasa, Fl. Her murderer stated that she was buried alive, but experts weren't sure if she was alive when buried or minutes before (she was in a plastic bag that she tried to get out of, her fingers managed to poke through the bag despite being tied together.)

    reading this absolutely broke my heart. The terror she must have felt in those last few minutes.
    not to take the focus off of little Nevaeh, but i will NEVER forget reading about Jessica. I thought the same thing, that she must have just been so petrified. it's horrible. all of the circumstances around the case, so many screw ups and missed chances, it's just so horribly sad. i was flooded with memories of her story when Jaycee Dugard was found because Garrido reminds me of Couey...looks and perverted all.

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    I wonder if LE even have a clue who murdered this little girl? Wasn't it her mother who had all of the perverts hanging around the house? I still think it was one of them that murdered her. I also have questions about her mother. That woman acted like she could have cared less about that little girl. All she did was complain about her. I really doubt that she was bonded with her as she didn't raise her up until that time...the grandmother did. I also wonder why the grandmother handed that little girl over so easily. The mother had just gotten out of jail. If that had been my granddaughter the mother would have had to prove herself to me before she ever got to take the little girl. I don't think we ever heard a word from the grandmother when the little girl went missing and after she was found. It seems the three were all supposed to be living together but it doesn't look like they were with all of the perverts hanging out.

    Didn't the killer leave anything behind....any evidence? We always hear that the killer always leaves something behind! Didn't he cover her with cement? Seems like they could track down where the cement was bought according to how many bags he bought. Seems like the wrappers were still around? It just seems like there should be something....shoe prints around the grave?

    This little girl deserves justice and whoever did this deserves to spend the rest of his rotten life behind bars. I just know it is one of those perverts and for some reason he didn't rape her.

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    God Bless you little Angel.
    My Buffy. He lives in Heaven now
    with my loved ones..xoxox

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