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    Quote Originally Posted by Sciencejunkie View Post
    it seems to me the report of 'new guns' was an attempt for Pat's mom to shift some of the blame and focus off of her son, she has continually supported him when he has done wrong. IMO
    True, but IIRC, according to Tabatha's statement (his current wife), Terri told her to 'write him off.' That could mean a lot of things - we don't know the relationship between Terri and Tabatha.

    But I agree - Terri seems to be in the "middle of the road" when it comes to implicating her son.

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    Long Wiggins short on money
    Posted 1/29/2010 11:25 AM EST on pnj.com Prod

    Pam Long Wiggins has a private attorney, but her mother is on the hook for the estimated $20,000 legal fee.

    In documents in her court record, Long Wiggins said her mother, Doris Long, would be responsible for paying defense attorney Patrece Cashwell.
    Long Wiggins said she has $120,000 in debts and will have to file for bankruptcy.



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    Damn, that just breask my heart. Poor Momma though. You never want to admit you raised a cold blooded killer.

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    Long Wiggins gets probation for bigamy


    Long Wiggins gets probation for bigamy
    Woman still faces trial in Billings murder case

    by Kris Wernowsky • kwernowsky@pnj.com • July 1, 2010

    "A judge on Wednesday sentenced Pamela Long Wiggins to two years' probation for her simultaneous marriage to two men.

    Circuit Judge John Brown's sentence for Long Wiggins — the only woman charged with a crime in the 2009 deaths of Byrd and Melanie Billings — includes that she be evaluated and treated for substance abuse."

    emphasis added by me

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    Don't have a clue who the individual listed as witness is. Does anyone else? Hearing on motions scheduled for 8-3.


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    Charges mount in Billings murders
    snip** She's accused of providing a van used to transport a safe containing nearly $200,000 away from the Billingses' home and burying it beneath a pile of bricks in the backyard of her Gulf Breeze home.

    The numerous previous reports stated that the safe which was carried away contained heirloom jewelry, family papers and medications only. Now here comes this report stating otherwise.

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    I am still waiting for others to be arrested.
    I Love You MOM 6/16/32 - 5/30/09

    Justice for Travis 5/8/13

    Justice For Emma
    Stacey Barker - Guilty - Murder 1 - 5/24/11
    25 to Life - Sentenced 6/17/11

    Justice Denied for Caylee Marie Anthony
    July 5,2011

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