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    Documentary in the Works!!

    Paul Nixon, co-founder of Kodiak Productions in Geneva, Switzerland is going to Jennings, LA in September for 8 days to gather info and start a documentary!


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    Fabulous news!

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    Finally someone is taking some interest in this case.

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    For those following this case, here are some teaser clips from Paul Nixon's documentary ( main page link )

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    Paul recently made a 2nd journey to Jennings to obtain additional film footage and interviews. He also took the time before he arrived to begin organizing a "remembrance memorial" in honor of the 8 murdered women.

    Documentarian Returns To Jennings (cached version)
    March 26, 2011
    A Swiss documentary filmmaker is returning to Jennings this weekend to complete a project he hopes will raise more awareness about the eight unsolved killings in Jefferson Davis Parish.

    Paul Nixon and crew members from his company, Kodiak Productions, first visited the area in 2009, shortly after the death of the last known victim, Necole Jean Guillory. The next 18 months were spent editing footage of interviews with police, family members and individuals in the community.

    Despite the wealth of information, Nixon said he felt he needed more interviews and coverage of the town of Jennings, thus prompting the return trip.
    hope to heaven (lots of pics)
    April 6, 2011
    "We've always told our niece that that was her way of getting her message to her mom, by sending a balloon," said Brittany Jones, sister of the fourth victim, Whitnei Dubois. "I know some people might think it's morbid, but that's our way of dealing with it."

    Jones said she appreciated documentary filmmaker Paul Nixon taking the time to arrange Wednesday's memorial service as he completes his work and heads back to Switzerland for editing.

    Nixon visited Jennings for the second time last week, interviewing family members, police officials and others about the unsolved murders of Loretta Chaisson, Ernestine Daniels Patterson, Kristen Lopez, Dubois, "Muggy" Brown, Crystal Shay Zeno, Brittney Gary and Necole Guillory.
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    Whatever happened to this documentary? I've been trying to get answers for 2 years now and I cant find anyone who will comment?!?

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    I've kept up with these cases and I never heard anything more about the documentary.

    The only media development I've seen in the past couple of years was this book: http://www.theadvertiser.com/story/n...book/89778174/

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