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    Hand Sanitizer Recalled

    How can a hand sanitizer be full of bacteria???

    The FDA says this type of contamination is often associated with unsanitary conditions, and urges consumers to stop using all Clarcon products and to throw them away. The recalled products include:
    Citrushield Lotion
    Dermasentials DermaBarrier
    Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer
    Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment
    Skin Shield Restaurant
    Skin Shield Industrial
    Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion
    Total Skin Care Beauty
    Total Skin Care Work

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    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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    Geez, if a hand sanitizer is unsanitary, that scares me.

    When my friend had her first baby, and we went to visit at her home, we weren't allowed to touch or pick up the baby unless we used her hand sanitzer in the bathroom first! Here people are thinking some of the brands are safe, when they actually are not.
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    It is far safer to wash your hands with warm, soapy water!! Those hand sanitizers are a crutch in many cases. They are proven to not work on C-Diff, and I suspect they aren't nearly as good as they are publicized to be, although better than nothing:


    "The matter hit close to home for Dr. Boyce when a virulent C. difficile outbreak struck his hospital, months after completion of his study on alcohol-based hand rubs.

    Two patients died and three underwent colectomies during a 2-week period--"something I haven't seen in 25 years and hadn't seen in 3 1/2 years" during the study of alcohol-based hand rubs, Dr. Boyce said during a scientific session at the meeting.

    Cultures revealed isolates closely related to the highly toxic epidemic strains found in hospitals across the United States and Canada.

    Despite his confidence that alcohol-based hand cleaners do not encourage C. difficile outbreaks, he said he believes that soap and water hand washing after diligent use of gloves should be the rule during outbreaks.

    He recommended that practice in his hospital. "It kind of killed me to do that," he joked. But he found only about a 25% compliance rate, so he is now implementing a more publicized hand-hygiene campaign. "I think it's fair to say a lot of health care workers have gotten used to alcohol-based hand rubs, and now it's hard to get them to go back to using soap and water," he said.

    Dr. Boyce disclosed that he has received funding from Gojo Industries Inc. and has served as a consultant to Mycrocept Corp. and Woodward Laboratories Inc., makers of hand sanitizers and soaps."


    Alcohol will kill some bacteria, but not generally spores. It is not as effective as hand washing, no matter what they tell you. Alcohol attempts to kill the "germ" on your hands, and leaves it there. Appropriate hand washing with warm water and SOAP will emulsify the "germs" and dirt, and wash them down the drain, rather than leaving them on your hands. Think about that the next time your health care provider walks in and rubs some skin sanitizer on their hands. Ask them when the last time they WASHED them was......
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    We always use sanitizer after going to the park or shopping. The thoughts of all those germs on the handles of shopping carts gross me out. BUT, the very first thing we do when we walk through the door is wash our hands with soap and water. I look at sanitizers as a temporary thing to use until we get home.

    Also, every person in our pediatrician's office actually wash their hands when they enter and when they leave. I'm very glad about that after reading IWannaKnow's post!

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