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    All About Tracy


    You mom was on JVM tonight and looked so sad. Please know that people are looking for you and will never stop until you are found!

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    Many prayers for you Tracy and your entire family.
    "The opinion prevailed among advanced minds that it was time that belief should be replaced increasingly by knowledge; belief that did not itself rest on knowledge was superstition, and as such had to be opposed." - Albert Einstein

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    Tracy, I do not know you but it is abundantly apparent in your photos, and surmised from what I have read about you, that you are fun loving and passionate about living life to its fullest. Your radiance glows around you and your exuberance is obvious. A bright and colorful personality yet soft and delicate like the petals of a flower. Someone decided to alter your destiny and I light a perpetual candle in the hopes your family receives answers soon about what happened to you and about where you are. I want you to know I am committed, to your case, and will remain vigilant until justice is served.

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