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    Tonight, 6PM, WRAL TV News (also on media links thread)

    Jason Young will be shown on tonight's 6PM WRAL TV Raleigh news. A preview on the noon news showed a sweaty, long-haired JY in a green sleeveless shirt. I could not tell if he had been working out, swimming, or what. He looked much different than when he sports up in his coat and tie with white shirt.


    If you watch, please feel free to discuss your feelings on his demeanor, etc.

    From the tiny tease given by WRAL, JY gave a cocky remark, "You came here for THAT?" when asked a question--as if to dismiss and minimize Michelle's death, in my opinion.

    **This is my first time starting a thread, if I recall correctly. I'm sure that if I have done something "wrong", that I will be taken to "court" for it. So, mods, please do whatever needs to be done here if that is the case.
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    On WRAL TV, it was NC Wanted that had gone to the gym where JY was playing basketball. Jason's demeanor was: cocky ("You came here for THAT?"), evasive (he retreated into the gym manager's office, then returned to playing basketball. It appears that purposely, a fast basketball was shot at the camera person. Camera people asked to leave. It seems that one or two people "protect" JY, from watching the video.

    At the end of the report, it was stated that Jason Young is going for a new career! He plans to attend Western Carolina U. in nursing! Do they interview the prospective student nurses? Background checks? Hmmmm.....

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