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    NY - Kristin O'Connell, 23, Ovid, 14 Aug 1985

    Originally posted by: gogrannypop, move here for discussion

    State Police hope tape of call, DNA tests will help solve 24 year old killing in Seneca County

    State police investigators hope a voice from the past and sophisticated DNA testing will help them solve a 24-year-old Seneca County murder.

    On Aug. 14, 1985, Kristin M. O'Connell, 23, a Minnesota woman visiting a friend in Ovid left a gathering of young adults and went for a walk and never returned.

    Less than 18 hours later, her nude body was found in a corn field off County Route 139. Her throat had been slashed.

    No one was ever charged with her murder...More...

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    Homicide: Kristin M. O'Connell

    New York State
    Divsion of State Police

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    Transcript of 911 call:

    State Police, Trooper Reyer.

    (CALLER): Hello.

    (REYER): Hi.

    (CALLER): Is this the State Police in Ovid?

    (REYER): Yes, it is.

    (CALLER): Listen to me, all right.

    (REYER): Yep.

    (CALLER): And, ah, don't interrupt me. Do you want the guy that killed that guy, or ah, that girl?

    (REYER): Go ahead.

    (CALLER): You look at, ah, ah, behind the Chevy, the green Chevy on, ah, Main Street in Waterloo and you'll find him. And if you open the trunk, if you open the trunk, you'll find what you want.

    (REYER): Okay. A green Chevy on Main Street.

    (CALLER): In Waterloo, and if you open the trunk. I'm getting out of town because I told him not to do it. I told him not to do it. I'm getting out of town.

    (REYER): But wait a minute now. Okay, green Chevy.

    (CALLER): (Hung up)
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    this link has 86 different links to this case...

    add on...
    48 hour mystery with video...http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/08...y5237457.shtml

    FOR some reason, i am having problem, finding out anything about this friend she went to stay with, the one she met in florida.......all links just report him as being a friend, but nothing else, as far as whom he is, the party etc......??

    speculating, though after hearing the 911 call, i sense a accent to the voice, but unsure what nationality........Spanish speaking accent im assuming, though the English was find, lot of echoes in the call tape..........im trying to find out now, if the friend she was staying with was a Spanish speaking person, with English learned, or at least if he was Latino, Mexican, porter Rican etc...........i assume male friend?

    as far as being in the green vehicle, find what your looking for quote........i assuming he was speaking of murder weapon and or clothes of the victim.??

    and they were walking behind her,??..........i guess they checked the party list, to see if they were there first...........she probably was not the party type, as far as the drugh use used during the party,......the friend turned out to be, not what she thought or expected, when met in Florida.........

    i still think these two in question, were either at the party, or with someone whom was at the party, and seen her leave for her walk?
    the one whom called, perhaps was at the party, and knew both, the victim and the person having the party see went to see?...........and they followed her, as she left?
    the one whom called, may have been the one she went and seen, but only speculating on that??...........
    she left from a trailer, i did see a picture of this trailer while searching.......she left around 11pm and went for her walk, the two or three seen her, and followed her on foot also??......................... Need more pieces of this puzzle!?

    Yes, i think the person whom called, was the one she went to see, or was there at the party, and knew beforehand she was going to be murder that night, in a short time period after telling them...........DON'T DO IT, i told them not to do it, so they were there, at that party, and they told this person, whom may have called, they were going to kill her, and he pleaded with them not to.......but they followed her anyways, from the party, and waited, then killed her??

    sHE mayhave gotten into a argument or other confrontation with someone there at the trailer during the party, she may had not like the environment there, and that is why she left for the walk, they followed her to kill her afterwards, even though this other person asked them not to!...............

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    New push to solve 1985 Ovid cold case murder
    by Alex Dunbar
    Updated: 01.22.2014 at 5:30 PM

    Recently, the New York State Police have formed a task force to find Kristin O'Connell's killer. Six investigators are working on the case full time along with members of the Seneca County Sheriff's office, the Waterloo Police Department, the Seneca Falls Police Department and the Seneca County District Attorney's office.

    "There's a tremendous amount of good suspects in the case and the overwhelming amount of work, the support of all these units, departments and investigators is paramount to solving this case," said State Police investigator Jeff Arnold.

    At the Waterloo State Police barracks, an office is filled with photographs, interview transcripts and a map charting where witnesses last saw Kristin on the night she was murdered.
    Cold Case Revisited: Possible Break In O’Connell’s Murder
    April 20, 2011 6:43 PM

    Since WCCO’s last report on the unsolved mystery almost two years ago, a Dutch husband and wife forensic team has received Kristin’s clothing for “touch” DNA tests. The team has had success solving other high-profile cold cases.

    Police received an anonymous call several days later about a mysterious car. The caller said, “Do you want that guy that killed tha girl? If you open the trunk, you will find what you want.” So far, that tip has not panned out but Kristen’s mother and New York investigators never gave up.


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    I wonder what was supposedly in the trunk of that car? Did the police never even find the car? If the murder(s) happened upon a car that wasn't there own and put it in the trunk, you would think if the police did not get to it first, the owner of the vehicle would have discovered it eventually. The caller to me, made it seem that it wasn't their car. Makes me think that the person the caller was talking about, went back and retrieved the weapon (if this indeed was what he was talking about). I am not sure why the caller would not just give the name of the person? Finding the weapon, would not automatically find the murderer. Very, very strange case.
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    After reading a bit more, I would certainly like to hear from the guy she went to visit in the first place. Why did he even invite her if he wasn't going to spend any time with her? Sounds like she spent her couple of days hanging out with his friends and what he was doing is anybody's guess. It also sounds like she got very uncomfortable when the kids started smoking pot in the trailer, so she got up to take a walk. Her guy friend should have immediately followed, but he did not. Then it is reported that 2 of the kids at the party went to look for her after an hour had passed, they said they heard a scream, but did not know where it came from, so they just went home?!?! This sounds like a party full of apathetic people! She had no shoes on and went walking down a road where it was reported by witnesses that she was being trailed by two guys. None of these witnesses offered any help to her, though I certainly would be stopping to let her know there were 2 men following her if I witnessed such a scene. Lots of people here could have stopped this. I am appalled.
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    Family still searching for daughter's killer in 1985 murder


    More than three decades have passed since Kristin O’Connell, of Burnsville, Minn., was murdered after she left a friend’s house party in the Seneca County village of Ovid, New York.

    “Life goes on, there is joy out there, but I miss her, you know?” cried Kristin’s mother, Phyllis O’Connell.

    The family has relentlessly sought Kristin’s killer ever since.

    “I’ve tried to leave no stones unturned, none,” the mother told FOX 9.
    Police say they have investigated nearly 2,000 leads in the open case.

    After 31 years, the friend Kristin visited has yet to say a word to the family.

    Countless questions linger as the family’s loss continues to take a toll.

    “Slow erosion,” described Kyle O’Connell, Kristin’s younger brother of how his sister’s murder has affected him personally.

    “The time just keeps ticking on and on, we’ve been waiting for someone in that town to come forward,” he said.
    Who killed Kristin O'Connell? State Police aim to find out

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    On August 14, 1985, Kristin O'Connell, a college student from Burnsville, Minnesota, was visiting a friend in Ovid, New York.

    At approximately 11:00 pm, O’Connell left a gathering at the friend’s home, alone and on foot, to go for a walk.

    When O’Connell did not return, friends went looking for her, and reported her missing to State Police the next morning.

    On August 16, 1985, a search was conducted of the area near the residence where O’Connell was last seen. O’Connell was located deceased in a nearby corn field off of West Seneca Street, the victim of stab wounds.

    The investigation revealed the night O’Connell went for a walk, around 11:30 pm a number of witnesses observed her along County Route 139. Several witnesses observed Kristin talking to someone in a vehicle stopped in the roadway, then later walking in the direction of the trailer along the roadway with two males following 30 feet behind her. The vehicle and the two males have never been identified.


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