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    Parents who Kill - Carol Anne Davis

    Just finished this book. The author, an England-based Scottish writer, has written several books on crime. Her chosen topics so far are: children who kill, women who kill, couples who kill and, now, parents who kill.

    In this book, she covers (inter alia) parents who kill in the UK, US, Australia and France and looks at every issue from the abused child becoming an abuser to honour killings to mercy killings to score-settling to psychosis to neglect. She isn't Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, Lawrence Schiller or Brian Masters but she is at least comparable to Ann Rule.

    Anyway, it's a dark, disturbing book which at the very least adds to the debate on parents who kill.

    If any of youse would like to read this book, I am more than delighted to pass it as a wee giftie via Tricia or whatever. Please PM me if you'd like it.

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