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    MN - Leo Swenson for child sex abuse, Luverne, 2008

    http://www.twincities.com/news/ci_13176104?source=rss&nLuverne man, 77, who had sex with adopted daughter, fathered her children, sentenced to jail

    Really?? 18 months?? Really??

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    From PaulaKay's article, snipped and BBM:
    "In a brief statement at the sentencing, Swenson expressed remorse.

    "I'm really sorry this happened," said Swenson, whose thin, scratchy voice made him nearly inaudible. "I was wrong, and I apologize to everyone. It shouldn't have been done, and that's all I can say."

    Following his October arrest, Swenson was charged in January with violating an order for protection filed by the victim, allegedly attempting to contact her by phone through a third party. Swenson pleaded guilty to the probation violation in February and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, with all but the time served stayed. His sentence Thursday includes 15 years of probation, and also requires his registration as a sex offender.

    No victim impact statements were made during sentencing, though there were written notes received from the victim as well as Swenson's wife, Mary.

    Birkholz took time during the hearing to relate "what really happened here and how it happened." He said that when the victim turned 16 years old, she moved into her adopted parents' bedroom — where she would remain for 15 more years while Swenson's wife eventually moved to the couch. The relationship between Swenson and the adopted daughter ended, Birhkolz added, when the victim "found a boyfriend and moved in with him."
    Birkholz said he didn't see his client as "sexually psychotic ... or dangerous" and also requested a staggered sentence for Swenson that would have placed him in jail three months a year, citing Swenson's advanced age and physical disabilities as reasons. That request by Birkholz, who called the case "sad and unfortunate," was denied by Judge Timothy Connell.

    "This is so far from what any person may conceive as normal ... but there is nothing about his (Swenson's) conduct that anybody should see as appropriate," Connell said."

    OMG!!!!!! - where the %$*& is the puking emoticon when you really need it!!!!
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    I just don't understand....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulaKay View Post
    I just don't understand....
    Me either, PaulaKay.

    While I'm infuriated/disgusted/nauseated at the relative slap on the wrist this old perv is receiving, I am sitting here trying to fathom what kind of "mother" just moves to the couch and allows this sort of thing to continue? Obviously she had more than enough knowledge of the situation to make her complicit in this abuse.


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