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Even though I'm SFF all the way, I agree with your post. There was no terror and bedlam, as foreign factions go. JR wasn't really a huge 'fat cat' anyway, and 118K seems almost an insulting amount.

I've never thought money was a motivator, because SFF had to be very well financed to bother with this sort of thing. IOW if SFF, then their budget probably ran over 118K anyway.
If money was not the motivate, then why would a SFF have even bothered? If the SFF budget would have been more than the requested amount in the RN, then what was the purpose? Why would a SFF even target JR's daughter? There are many other people in the USA worth alot more than JR and much more well known, so why JR? How would they have even known JR or that he had a young daughter? How would kidnapping JBR serve this SFF? Most importantly, why has this SFF not struck again? Why no more kidnappings or murders? Did they disband? What did this SFF gain by the kidnapping/murder of JBR? No group to date has come forth admitting to the crime. Don't terrorist groups admit to crimes such as this to create terror and insure that their demands are met? Lastly, if this SFF was so financed and organized that they came into the US specifically to kidnap JR's daughter, then why was she not kidnapped? Why was JBR not held for ransom? Why was she fed pineapple before her murder? Why did this SFF remain in the home for such a long time? Why not just in and out? I'm sorry, but try as I may, I'm just not buying the SFF or the RN. Doesn't make any sense to me and never will. Too Hollywood to be true. Strictly fiction, written by someone pretending to be someone that they knew nothing about, but thought they did.