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I work 130hrs a week but my plan is to take each statement one at a time and look into them and then post what I find as I find it. I do not agree that the whole thing is baseless.
Holy ***** you work too much.

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I think Patsy did it. Not sure why..probably some abuse that went too far. The note was clearly written by someone who had intimate knowledge of the family and in my opinion was written to get John out of the house. It tells him to go to the bank..and i believe if he had, Patsy would have dumped the body. She had staged the body for dumping...but she needed John gone because getting the body to the car would be too noisy. But John did what he should have done, searched the house and made her call 911..i think it was during this time before the police arrived that John realized what really was happening. If John had been involved, the body would have been dumped before the police were called. THis is just my opinion...but i don't believe there was an intruder.
Very interesting theory, great first post.