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    Turkish reality show not true reality

    Check this one out. It appears nine women were held against their will once they realized that the reality show they were on was a fake.


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    Don't hit me, but if you're that desperate to be on television that you don't even fully enquire what you're signing up for, then...

    "HaberTurk newspaper, quoting a person identified as the mother of one of the women, says the nine were not abused or harassed sexually, but were told to fight each other and to wear bikinis and dance by the villa's pool."

    They actually did this? Not even bothering to first find out who were filming them, for what channel, for what cause?

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    Maybe they needed the money? I don't like reality TV - but apparently these girls do. Is it really so bad to act stupid on TV in exchange for lots of money? I have been unemployed for so long, I'm thinking I might jump at the change to act stupid for dollars myself

    Yes the women should have checked things out, but it does sound as if the perps portrayed themselves as a legitimate enterprise, going so far as to have the women sign contracts.

    I hope the women do not suffer any long term, negative impacts and the perps go to jail or whatever the Turkish courts do to them -- maybe public whippings?


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