All Paul Wright wanted was a banana, but when the hapless Briton opened a supermarket-bought plastic bag filled with the fruit a tropical spider leapt out and bit him on the arm.

The spider was a non-poisonous Huntsman, but its attack nonetheless caused an allergic reaction, leaving Mr Wright needing hospital treatment.

Tesco, the supermarket chain which sold the bananas, said the spider had most likely made the trip with the fruit all the way from the Caribbean to Kent in southern England.

"It is not a poisonous spider, but he did have some allergic reaction to the bite," a Tesco spokeswoman said.

"This is very much a one-off, unfortunately, despite the checks and procedures, it was one that slipped through, so to speak," she said.

"We have offered him 200 pounds, it is a gesture of goodwill and we apologise to him for the distress caused."