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    OH - Shakira Johnson, 11, Cleveland, 13 Sept 2003

    Missing girl's classmates canvass neighborhood

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    I don't understand why this one didn't get the Amber Alert if they have a description of a car. Also I'm about 20 miles from Cleveland and this was the first I've heard of this story. Guess I should watch the news more often.

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    Prayers go out for safe return of missing Cleveland girl


    Angela Townsend and Angela D. Chatman
    Plain Dealer Reporters

    Motorcyclists, 70 strong, rounded the corner of Union Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive gunning their engines for Shakira Johnson
    More Here
    Friends, strangers try to comfort mom of missing 11-year-old


    Donna Iacoboni
    Plain Dealer Reporter

    She is a living drum set under bouncing ponytails.
    More Here
    (the way this newspaper website works, you have to enter a few demographic details about yourself before they let you view articles.)

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    I've looked at every link offered here and haven't seen one picture of the missing child. Wouldn't it be common sense to publicize her image, or am I missing something?

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    There definitely should have been a picture. This seems to be happening a lot lately with some of these cases. The newspapers aren't including even at least one picture.
    There is a poster of her. I put in her name and the Ohio Missing Children's Clearinghouse has a poster.

    Scroll down and click on the word 'more' under her name. It's in Adobe acrobat format and people have to have that on their computer to view it.

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    Gang liaison accused of dragging rapist from house says it's all a lie

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    Police appeal for help in missing-child case

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    Local Missing Girl's Case Goes National

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    FBI, Cleveland detectives continue search for Shakira

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    Police Search Whiskey Island For Clues To Missing Girl

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    Van Could Be Key To Shakira's Disappearance

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    14-Year-Old Found Safe After Amber Alert Issued
    Family Members Want To Know Why No Alert For Missing 11-Year-Old

    UPDATED: 6:58 a.m. EDT September 29, 2003

    CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- A 14-year-old girl is found safe Sunday after an Amber Alert was issued.

    Amanda Mullikin-White was found only hours after the alert was issued for her by Cleveland Heights Police.

    Officers said that she hid out voluntarily in a Cain Park instead of going home late.

    Meanwhile, the parents of missing 11-year-old Shakira Johnson want to know why an Amber Alert was not issued for her.

    Cleveland Police said it's because there was no evidence or indication that Shakira was abducted.

    The little girl has been missing for more than two weeks. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at (216) 252-7463
    So you think that the world owes you something, Hey baby so do I
    But you sink like a stone from the weight of the debt
    Its so heavy it makes you cry
    And you think that your innocence is somewhere
    south of the Georgia line
    But for all of the days that you spent headed south its still five below when you open your mouth

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    To me, the mother has a good point... why was there no Amber alert for Shakira?

    Missing Girl's Mom Can't Think Of Anyone Who Would Take Her

    Man In Red Car Allegedly Makes Sexual Advances Toward Kids

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