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    NY - Melissa Barthelemy, 24, Bronx, 12 July 2009


    8 Sept 09

    Family members said they want answers about a Buffalo native who's been missing for nearly two months. 24 year old, Melissa Bartelemy was last seen leaving her Bronx, New York apartment on July 12th.

    She's lived in New York for several years and worked as an exotic dancer and escort.

    more at link

    video at link
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    Melissa Barthelemy's Family Speaks


    Rachel Kingston Reporting

    Buffalo, NY (WBEN) -- In some ways, life has been easier for Melissa Barthelemy's family, since they learned she is one of the four women whose remains were found on a beach on Long Island.
    Rest in Peace Melissa.

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    I think this thread deserves a Bump back into peoples radar. The Long Island serial killer cases are cold but that doesnt mean we get to stop looking.
    I have been looking over the case in greater detail today, obviously inspired by the recent drive to find the identities of the remaining unidentified victims. During my research I came across a photo of several of the victims side-by-side and I noticed a pattern that I had never thought to look for. Check it out


    Melissa, Megan, Amber Lynn, and Maureen all have several facial similarities that are very prominent. All four women Had high cheekbones, angular jawbones, "smile lines" (dont know the correct term), High-set eyebrows, similar nose structure, and all have near perfect facial symmetry. Also, it is important to note that all four girls have a part in their hair on the pictures they had posted online. This got me thinking. Ted Bundy selected his victims based upon physiological traits (long brunette hair, parted in the middle) and age. While I had first thought that the selection of victims might have been one of availability, I think that it is quite likely that the exact choices, unconsciously or not, were made based upon observable physical characteristics. Granted I am not a law enforcement professional but I think there may be a pattern here.
    Moreover, in the case of Bundy all of the victims resembled an archetypal individual whom he felt had wronged him in the past (an ex girlfriend). It is quite likely that the individual responsible for the long island killings has chosen based upon similar motives.
    Again, just my opinion.

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    I have been looking into the areas where the women were taken and trying to establish a likely geographical area where the perpetrator likely resides. Given the spacing of the locations where Melissa, Amber Lynn, Maureen, and Megan were taken and the locations where their remains were found, I feel that the killer likely lives in a location centrally located between them. This would allow for all of the events to occur far enough from home that nobody local would be suspicious and if anyone saw him dispose of the bodies nobody would be able to identify him. I think that it is likely that this man lives in the Farmingdale or Amityville areas or the surrounding area. The police profile suggests that he is a white male aged 30-40 working in the landscaping, construction, or fishing industries. I checked it out and there are many landscaping and construction businesses in all of these areas (not shockingly). Im not a profiler but I have a psych background and based upon the PCL-R it is likely that this individual is a white male 25-40 years old. He will have some college education but will not have finished due to a loss of interest or an impulsive switch in career paths. He Likely has a stable relationship but also a history of short romantic partnerships and sexual promiscuity. He may own his own business or manage one; the role of a central figure being important to the psychopath. He is probably an extremely efficient liar, to the point of believing his own deceptions. He will have a glib and superficial charm that one might often associate with a "salesman" type personality. I could go on but its easier just to post the PCL-R because it covers things better than I can.

    Hare psychopathy checklist revised
    • glib and superficial charm
    • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    • need for stimulation
    • pathological lying
    • cunning and manipulativeness
    • lack of remorse or guilt
    • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
    • callousness and lack of empathy
    • parasitic lifestyle
    • poor behavioral controls
    • sexual promiscuity
    • early behavior problems
    • lack of realistic long-term goals
    • impulsivity
    • irresponsibility
    • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    • many short-term marital relationships
    • juvenile delinquency
    • revocation of conditional release
    • criminal versatility
    A prototypical psychopath would receive a maximum score of 40, while someone with absolutely no psychopathic traits or tendencies would receive a score of zero.
    A score of 30 or above qualifies a person for a diagnosis of psychopathy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhew86 View Post
    I think that it is quite likely that the exact choices, unconsciously or not, were made based upon observable physical characteristics.
    Thanks for bumping this.
    I think your right about the physical characteristics being part of his choice in who he selected as victims.
    He was able to basically shop around on backpage, craigslist, ect.. when selecting a victim. I think to some degree their physical appearance had to of played a roll in some way. I know they were all smaller girls. Not very tall. Megan was the heaviest but still not very tall.

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    R.I.P. Melissa

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