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    France - Marina Sabatier, 8, tortured & beaten to death, Le Mans, 7 Aug 2009

    Thursday the 10th of september 150 people searched for a missing 8 year old girl, her father had left her sleeping in the car while he was in MacDonalds. She reportedly disappeared. When the police questioned the parents separtly their stories did not match, by friday the father had admitted that little Marina was dead and buried in a dumpster covered by concrete. There is somthing so incredibly sad about this story, maybe its a cumulative reaction for all the other despicable crimes against children over the past year and a half, but this one has me sobbing. She deserved a better life.

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    "Prosecutors said the couple confessed to having caused her death, during questioning. When asked why they beat her, they said: "Because she was often hungry". (snipped from the original link).

    I'm speechless. If a child is hungry you feed him/her, not beat them. The headmaster at her school said she was often hungry and had bruises.

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    That poor sweet child. I tell ya, I have a 7yr old who often doesn't want to eat. I'd give anything for him to have a healthy appetite and be hungry often.

    I never understand how people can become so enraged over a simple biological function (hunger) that they would murder their child. Seems easier to just slap a PB&J together. Worthless human beings.

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    She was hungry cuz you POS parents wouldn't feed her. OMG if I could get my hands on you I would starve you to death and I wont forget to beat the he!! out of you several times a day either.

    My gd's spend a lot of time at my house on the weekends. They go through phases. Right now the 8 year old hardly eats at all. The 10 year old grazes all day long. I would never withhold food from them in any way shape or form.
    A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty....

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    Dear god..........she had mild Down Syndrome. Poor baby never had a chance with those monsters.

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    Having a sister and a granddaughter with Down Syndrome, it is a common characteristic to always want to eat. Hence her always being hungry. I was always taught that down syndromes are Gods angels on earth, hope she has met my sister at the pearly gates, they will have a blast together. RIP
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    From June 2012:


    A jury in the northern French region of la Sarthe convicted Virginie Darras, 33, and Eric Sabatier, 40, of violently beating, humiliating and torturing their daughter Marina, as she is referred to, from 2003 until her death at age 8 in 2009.

    The couple was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, with a mandatory minimum 20-year sentence for barbaric acts of torture leading to the death of a minor, as well as misleading police about the deceased girl's whereabouts.

    The father of Marina – a child who was initially believed to have mild Down's syndrome because of old facial injuries due to beatings – first told police his daughter had disappeared on September 9th 2009, but two days later he led authorities to a concrete container in which he had hidden the girl's body.

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