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    Argument Over Gas-Passing Turns Violent

    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- A man's gas-passing during dinner turned into a violent incident in Volusia County. Deputies say two men were having dinner late Wednesday night when one of the men passed gas on the other man's food.

    Many years ago, we were in Boulder, 8 miles from home. My son was about 10 and thought that farting at his sister was great fun. He got a look of pure horror on his face- he sharted his pants. If he could have died of embarrassment, he would have. However, no weapons were involved.

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    My daughter's father had a serious problem with gas. His farts were nuclear, I mean really, really vile. And he produced an enormous amount of gas. It really was hard to deal with. One day his boss couldn't stand it anymore. He let one rip in the van after lunch, and his boss fired him on the spot. Not only that but he put him out of the van miles away from our apartment so he had a long hike back. I was pregnant at the time and didn't see the humor, but I sure do now!

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