Hi. i am new to the forum. would like my first post to be about this remarkable case.......this strong young woman, and the ineptitude of everyone from the FBI to the parole officer to the local police department.
If the FBI hadnt bungled the case from day one, focusing on her step dad (her only dad for that matter0 and to a lesser extent her bio-dad, rather then looking for the car and the suspects the step dad described, she probably would have have been found in days, due to the sex offender registry he was in, and the make of his car.

It's laughable that the judge at the bail hearing applauded the parole officer for "outsmarting" garrido............uh garrido fooled this guy for almost 20 years? this judge needs his head examined!

But when it comes down to it, this case is about Jaycee and her girls. From what i understand so far, they and there REAL family are doing well so far. I hope they continue to heal and that Jaycee is able to testify against these monsters when the time comes!
thank you