Pole-dancer Donna Cleeve has been forced to quit her 1,000-a-week job because she's allergic to the metal pole.

The 20-year-old from Portsmouth, who used the stage name Honey, developed a red rash after each performance.

She worked at two clubs in Bournemouth, Dorset, and Portsmouth, Hampshire, reports The Sun.

After three months she realised nickel used in the poles was to blame. She knew she had an allergy to the element, but wasn't aware it was used in the poles.

She said: "I came back in such pain one night my housemate forced me to sit for ages in a bath. That was the only thing that ever seemed to help.

"Because I kept on dancing around the pole it just got worse and worse. It's hard to look sexy when your legs and body are inflamed. I tried to ignore it but in the end it wasn't worth the pain."

She's now given up her dancing and taken an 18,000-a-year job in sales.