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    TX - Todd Henry, 52, stabbed to death at Tyler high school, 23 Sept 2009


    SNIP TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A stabbing at John Tyler High School has taken the life of Todd R. Henry.
    Tyler police are investigating the horrific situation that happened just before 9am Wednesday morning. According to Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle, Henry was stabbed in the neck. Police do have a juvenile suspect in custody.
    The school was placed on lock-down just after the incident. Parents began picking up their children at 10:45am. None of the other Tyler ISD schools are dismissed. Teachers are telling KLTV they have been informed that classes will be held as usual Thursday.
    The church across the street from John Tyler (New Life Community Church) says they are opening their doors to anyone who may want to come pray. SNIP

    Predominantly AA school, white teacher murdered.

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    Another example of the need for metal detectors and police officers on campus. I wonder if it was a special needs child that did this. I know I read the article and it said that "special needs" was what he was trained in and dealt with.

    I don't think the predominant race of a school matters nor does the race of the teacher. That offends me. According to Wikipedia the demographics are almost a 50% split between African Americans and Hispanics. The kids at Columbine were white and the school predominantly white. I don't care about the color of anyones skin when it comes to school violence. It could have just as easily been same race stabbing. Until we know the motivation behind stabbing considering he dealt with special needs children I don't think race matters. MOO!

    As of the 2006-2007 school year, the student population consisted of

    46.2% African American
    46.0% Hispanic
    7.2% White (Non-Hispanic)
    0.4% Asian/Pacific Islander
    0.1% American Indian


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    Cops and educators, judges and doctors, counselors and prison guards shuffled a throwaway kid named Byron through institution after institution - until he buried a butcher knife in the special education teacher's chest.

    Even Henry saw it coming, saying weeks before he died that a kid in his class was going to kill someone. Describing the voices that told him to kill, Byron told a psychologist last month: "People already knew that something was going to happen like this."...

    At 9, Byron tried to stab his brother. At 13, he brought a knife to school, fought without provocation and choked a child on a school bus. At 14, he chased his brother with a meat cleaver. Months later, he stabbed his younger sister in the back with a steak knife...

    "I'm not mad at Byron. I just want him put where he can't hurt anyone ever again," said Henry's widow, Jan. "I'm angry at the system. It failed Todd. The system put [Byron] in my husband's classroom."...

    The agency forms, memos and reports - a five-foot pile of paper that weighs 70 pounds - trace a descent into chaos. From his arrival in Texas as a Hurricane Katrina evacuee until his arrest for Henry's slaying, records show that Byron had:

    •20 transfers among schools, treatment facilities and TYC prison units.

    •10 transfers in 18 months in TYC. That included three trips to the unit for the most disturbed juvenile offenders and a mental hospital stay.

    •Treatment by at least 10 psychiatrists who prescribed six drugs, including four antipsychotics. Eight psychiatrists saw him in TYC.

    •Cycles on and off psychiatric drugs.
    Much more here:


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    March 2011:

    The 17-year-old accused of fatally stabbing a teacher in a classroom could spend the rest of his life in a mental hospital, after an agreement by prosecutors and a defense lawyer that the youth is too disturbed to stand trial.

    Both sides say that on Wednesday they will ask a juvenile judge to declare the youth incompetent and commit him to a state mental hospital. That comes after a forensic psychologist hired by prosecutors found that the youth, named Byron, is so delusional that he still hears voices and wants to kill again.

    Smith County Assistant District Attorney Tonda Curry said the psychologist described the youth as “one of the most dangerous people he’s ever sat across from.”...

    In February, prosecutors asked Dallas forensic psychologist Timothy Proctor to assess Byron. After four hours of watching the disheveled youth stare intensely, laugh inappropriately and veer between babbling, singing and speaking matter-of-factly about wanting to kill, Proctor submitted a 13-page report.

    “He went so far as to say that if he had a knife, he would try to kill the first individual with whom he came in contact. He indicated that the only reason he has not acted out in this manner during the course of his detention is the absence of a weapon,” Proctor wrote Feb. 23. “Clear delusional thinking, including that of the bizarre variety, was noted.”...
    That finding mirrors evaluations by a court-appointed psychologist. That expert observed that Byron thought people were changing his body parts and believed he could change his race and become the star of his favorite TV show if he killed again.

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