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    CO - Bonni Bergen, 49, found murdered in burning home, 28 July 2009

    Okay, so this is not extremely current, but I just found out that this is someone I knew. I hope it's okay to have posted this in this forum.

    Posted: 08/08/2009 01:00:00 AM MDT

    A 40-year-old man is being held for investigation of first-degree murder in the death of a woman whose body was discovered in the burned ruins of her rental home last month.

    The man was identified by Lakewood police as Britt Allan Cox.

    According to Steve Davis, spokesman for the Lakewood Police Department, detectives arrested Cox on Wednesday night after he was discovered in a stolen vehicle.

    Now here's where it gets even stranger-
    A woman whose body was found after a fire destroyed her Lakewood rental home was the victim of domestic abuse in the last years of her life, officials say.

    However, the man who had been an irritation in Bergin's life the past seven years, Glenn Allen Gaddis, 49, was behind bars serving time with the Department of Corrections on Tuesday when the blaze swept Bergin's home, at 11905 W. 20th Avenue in northwest Lakewood.
    Terry Bergin said that in June 2008, his ex-wife accidentally burned down the home she was living in in Coal Creek Canyon. Terry Bergin said Bonnie Bergin was burning trash in the fireplace but left to walk her dogs and the home burned to the ground.
    More on the Coal Creek fire-
    A mountain home in Coal Creek Canyon, west of Arvada, burned to the ground Friday morning and there were worries the flames could spread to the surrounding forest.

    The fire was reported in the 11600 block of Ranch Elsie Road at around 5:30 a.m. Some residents said the home exploded before catching fire.

    The person who lived in the home showed up after the fire was nearly extinguished. No one else was believed to have been inside.

    Fire units from several departments were dispatched to help keep the blaze from spreading to the surrounding forest.

    I don't care if GG was behind bars when the second fire happened-I bet he and Cox were at least acquaintances. I don't think this is some strange coincidence.
    Poor Bonnie. RIP sweet lady.

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    I think you could be right!

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    Thanks, Mysterygirl. GG is one bad dude who wouldn't give up, moo. GG attacked my ex bf in front of the Buffalo Rose in Golden, and GG was left in the fetal position on the curb.
    Snipped:Why a second home the victim lived in lit up the night sky and is now destroyed is still a mystery. They hope answers will come in the next few days.

    Neighbors say the fire in Coal Creek Canyon was ruled an accident, but they believe it was suspicious.

    The cause of the Lakewood blaze is still under investigation.

    Explosions before flames? Isn't adding up for me....

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    From July 2011:


    A judge has sentenced a meth user to life in prison plus 30 years for the robbery and murder of a woman whose house he then set on fire.

    Britt Alan Cox, 42, was found guilty of murder, aggravated robbery, arson, aggravated motor vehicle theft, tampering with physical evidence and burglary...

    The judge sentencing Cox added the stipulation that he not be eligible for parole.

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