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    Chris Jenkins' mother wrote a book


    Nearly seven years later, Chris Jenkins' unsolved murder continues to haunt his family.
    "His voice was silenced," says mother Jan Jenkins. "And we've tried, in looking for him, as well as in seeking justice, to give him a voice."
    She did that through "Footprints of Courage," a new 300-page book that offers a look inside the murder investigation from the family's perspective.
    "I told the truth in the book," Jan Jenkins says. "I told the truth of the journey."

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    This looks interesting so I've placed a hold on a copy. Don't know when I'll get to read it as there appears to be only 3 copies in 3 libraries in the entire state.

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    I just finished reading this book. I ordered it from her sight and received a signed copy.
    This is a great book about the case. I CAN NOT believe the way this family was treated by LE as well as the facts of the case completly ignored!
    There was actually one suspect in custody that was never arrested! and LE did change the death to a homicide, BUT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, nothing has been done.
    For anyone interested in these cases it is a MUST read.My heart goes out to this family as well as the other families of the victims.
    I am completely shocked that this has not been reported more! Just for the simple fact of warning our young students!There are too many deaths to say these guys just drank too much and fell into water! In certain areas (LaCross) there have been multiple drownings. So LE wants us to believe because the bars are located by water that the victims just staggered into rivers and died??
    How come the drownings are concentrated in certain areas?
    HMMM, I believe Fla has lots of water,college students and bars near it, but I don't see the same amount of college age drownings there.
    Whether you believe this to be the work of serial killers or not, please pass on this warning
    Stay with your friends, if you become seperated MAKE SURE you follow up to see if they arrived home. Do not assume they will make their way there.
    This would also have helped in the recent case of the young girl that left the concert she attended by herself.Her friends assumed she would find her way home and waited till the next day to contact LE.
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    This was such a hard book to read. I can't believe how poorly the family has been treated. It really is shocking.
    Character is destiny

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