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    Baby Survives Being Run Over By Train w/video

    MELBOURNE, Australia (CBS) ―

    The video is frightening to watch, but miraculously, tragedy was averted after a stroller with a baby in it rolls onto a set of train tracks in Australia just as the train pulled into the station.

    It was a lapse in attention for just a moment and it almost ended in devastating results. A 6-month-old boy's mother is helpless as her son disappears beneath the train seconds after his stroller, known as a "pram," falls onto the tracks.

    It appears the mother let go of the pram to pull up her trousers, but by the time she realized the pram was rolling away, it had tipped over edge of the platform, with the frantic mother almost going under the train herself as she tried to reach for her son.

    The train driver hit the emergency brake, but was still travelling at 30 kilometers an hour when the pram fell on to the tracks, pushing the baby for 30 meters. Incredibly, the baby suffered only a minor injuries and was released from the Royal Children's hospital within hours.


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    That video is just unbelievable. I ride the subway every day and had the misfortune of seeing someone get hit by the train and another time being on the train when it hit someone and he became lodged under the car I was riding it. Both times the outcome was not good.
    This baby and her mother are so lucky. I suspect the baby survived because of it's size. There was a man who survived being run over here because he lied flat on his back and it just went over him.
    I can't imagine what went through her mind as she saw that stroller go rolling off the edge. How incredibly relieved and shocked she must have been when she realized the baby was alive and unhurt. Amazing.
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    I can't imagine being in the mother's position. Watching him go under the train...I would probably be dead if it had been my child. I would have followed him onto the tracks, train or no train. I don't think I would have been able to stop.
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    I saw the footage on my local news. Can't believe the baby is alive! What a miracle!
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    Ack, Stroller rollaway accidents are so horrible. My daughter and her fiance were in a park recently when a stoller caught the edge of a sidewalk and rolled down into a river. It landed upside down. Thank goodness a ton of people were around to help. But poor mom was so distraught. I know as a mom you just feel so stupid for letting something like that happen.

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