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    FL - Somer Thompson, 7, Orange Park, 19 Oct 2009 #4

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    I also wanted to say that I am all for doing something, anything to get our laws changed. I am a stay home mom so I have plenty of time to do what needs to be done. I have to admit i do not know much about hwo to do that though. If a thread is opened to sort it out I will be there, just tell me what I need to work on

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    Oh my, what a sad turn of events only just read that they've found her

    Sleep peacefully tiny angel Summer!

    I have lit another candle for her, I already have one lit for my dear friend Ollie who died a year ago today at the age of 21.

    Such a sad, sad day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms Suzanne View Post
    Rest in peace pretty little girl Somer.This is very sad.I pray they catch her killer and this person or persons do go to prison because of this and justice for this pretty little girl is quick.They do not like sex offenders in Jail if she was assaulted.I remember fighting with people many years ago in the school system in Jacksonville to change the rules that all elementary school children need to ride the bus.They are just too little to defend themselves and it's just wrong and unsafe to have your children walk that far.I walked my children back then and I do now.But it's not always possible to do ths.Do I have to fear the one day I don't walk my children to school something will happen to them?That's wrong and the school board needs to be held accountable.This makes me very mad.I hope and pray people are writting and calling the school boards and pretty much demanding a change and having the bus pick up especially elementary school children in all schools in the united states and at least take that situation away so predators do not touch our children and keep them safe.Rest in peace pretty little somer.Fly Somer fly.I'm so sorry this happened to you.
    I agree with you about making it a rule that elementary age children NOT be allowed to walk home from school. We live in a small community in TN. There are 3 small towns right here together. In Munford where we lived until a few years ago, they allow children to walk home from school. I would go pick my daughter up from kindergarten everyday and I would see these kids (brother and sister) who were in elem, walk home everyday. They had to walk through alot of wooded area between a bunch of houses. It scared me so bad, that I had considered trying to find out who they were and contact the school or even the parents, to see if we could work out a better solution. EVen if it meant I could drive them home. It just made me sick watching these babies walk off into that wooded area.

    However in the town we live now, I work at the elem school where my children all attend. We do NOT allow children to walk home. They either ride the bus, have parents pick them up with a placard showing who they are, or they stay after school until they can be retrieved. I find this much safer and not sure why all schools don;t do it. There is always going to be ways for these sicko pedophiles to get to our babies. However why make it easy for them? Until our so called government starts valuing our precious children over the so called deserved rights of these monsters, NOTHING is going to change.

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    Back to sleuthing the SROs in the area... William K. who was mentioned last night, this was his offense:

    794.011(8)(b) Sexual Battery (V 12 -18 / Familial or Custodial Sex Act)

    I take it this means he knew the victim?

    I need to go take a shower.
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    I already posted at the end of the other thread, but see no harm in repeating my sentiments.

    Just heard this very sad news

    I have little a beautiful hot pink candle for Somer, it is stood next to another beautiful candle which I have lit in memory of my dear friend Ollie who died a year ago today, at the age of just 21.

    Rest easy you two angels xx

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    I saw that at last night's vigil the mother thanked everyone, said how much she would miss her and asked that everyone sing her favorite song..."You are my sunshine"..

    I was telling my husband this and my voice cracked, couldn't even get the sentence out.

    We have got to do better with sex offenders and preventing their offenses. So many re-offend and I feel like we are not doing enough, the prison sentences are not long enough.

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    Logged in to see that the thread is now preceded with those horrible words 'found deceased'. Ugh. Have we gotten a positive id?

    Then I was greeted with the news of ANOTHER missing child (9 year-old Elizabeth).

    I'd also like to toss my hat into the advocacy thread being discussed. My vote is for a FEDERAL law so we don't have to depend on each state's individual legislation. Who is getting this thread going?


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    mom_of_five... yes the body found was positively identified as dear sweet Somer earlier this morning I believe. So incredibly sad.

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    ITA - Should be Federal

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    I laid in bed and thought about this till very early this morning. There is not much we can do once they have been taken, short of providing closure to the family and catching the killer. So I thought the only way to stop this madness is to keep them away from our children. Dont get me wrong I am all for the DP, but realistically I think we all know thats not going to happen. So what about a bracelet similar to a shock collar mixed with GPS and a tether. You place this on the arm or leg of a RSO, they come within a certain distance of a school or such that has some sort of a transmitter than they are shocked. I would even go as far to have a smaller transmitter bracelets that kids can wear, so if they come within a certain distance of any child they would be shocked utill they were far enough away. Hey it works to keep my dog in the yard, why cant it work to keep RSOs out? I know its far from perfect, but I think an ounce of prevention is worth a lb. of cure.

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    Since my last post was right on the last page of the last thread, I wanted to be sure that it didn't get missed. I hope you all don't mind. It is extremely important to me that you all know what you're up against with these monsters who are ruining our innocent childrens lives. We're all in this together, and there is no better time than now to start with some sort of effort to get these POS off our streets!!!

    Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - Found Deceased FL-Somer Renee Thompson, age 7, missing from Orange Park, thread #3

    And if you're really want to research what "we" would be up against, I suggest you start here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennedy_v._Louisiana
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    Quote Originally Posted by curious_mom View Post
    Thank you Tricia. NOW is the time to start something like this, while the wounds of little Somer's demise are still very raw & fresh!!!

    I know this is OT, and long, so feel free to move it to a more appropriate thread, BUT I have to tell what my own experience has been on doing this very thing...

    A little over a year ago, I found out one of my own children had been molested as a child. She was 20 when she told me. (please, I'm not going to share more than that, except to say, at this late date, she has been in therapy, moved on with her life, is happy, and does not wish to come back here & deal with placing charges, and I completely understand this). I immediately went & searched court records on the man who was responsible, and there was nothing. Knowing what we know about SO's, I didn't stop there. I went in person to the courthouse, spoke with a clerk there about what I was looking for, and why.

    I could not believe her words to me: "I know this man was involved in something several years ago, I remember it clearly". She looked him up, and found nothing either, so she took me back into the record room, and we began searching. As it turned out, this man WAS an offender. He was charged with 6 counts of molesting 5 children, at our local community pool. When we found the records, she took the 1 file that was sealed, she showed me the copier machine, told me to help myself, and she went out of the room locking the door as she went out.

    What he did to those children is exactly what he did to mine. He lives less than a mile from me. He plead guilty to 2 charges, in exchange for them dropping the others. He never spent a night in jail. He was told to never frequent the pool again, have no contact with the said children, and that was that. He was not required to register, he was never even assigned a probation officer. This happened in 1991. His lawyer was no other than our own State Senator, who still holds this position today.

    In 1994-95, I met him & his family at the community pool. I was close to his mother. We went to church together, where he was a Sunday School teacher, childrens choir leader, and to this day, continues to do these things. He also takes it upon himself to do his own "visitations" during the week, and frequently brings new children into the church, giving them rides himself. Not one time, at the pool, at church, not his mother or sister or father or anybody else ever mention what this man had done in the past, although I've since found out they all knew.

    I have been on a rampage every since. I found his picture online on the churches website, got copies of all his charges, made up fliers with all this info on them, and I've saturated our neighborhood and local churches with them. I've contacted all our legislatures, our county attorney, our police dept, state police dept, dcf, anybody & everybody, to find a way to get this POS registered and someone watching him besides me, all to no avail. I have even called into our local tv station, outing him as best I could, without naming him. His crimes were before Megan's law, therefore VA has decided that these POS who committed crimes before that time, aren't required to register. WTF? I have been told repeated by our State Le, I can be charged with a crime if I am caught harassing this man. I am not harassing him, I'm INFORMING the public!!!

    At one time, I thought I had made headway, as our county attorney made a request to have him registered due to the new guidelines of the National Registry (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/smart/pdfs/...guidelines.pdf). But in the new guidelines, they give each state the option of how far to go back into public records, and VA chose once again, to only go back to Megan's Law.

    I'm mad, I'm hurt, but I'm on a mission, and I will not stop. If I get caught, so be it, I'll go to jail. What I am doing is NOT wrong!!! If I leave my home in a vehicle, I have no choice but to go by this POS home. I see him almost everyday. I see him out in the yard playing with small children. I see him out in the yard playing with his own small grandchildren. I see him & his mother (who he lives with), having their Wednesday evening church services at their home, and children are everywhere! For goodness sakes, him & his own daughter are a singing duo in our area who travel to many many other churches performing, and even though he is a CONVICTED SO, those public records are STILL not available for public viewing! And what is so sad here, is how many more are there out there in my area whose records have somehow "neglected" to make their way into our public records?

    This is why I'm here, and on every other "missing" child thread here. I don't post often, but I read it all. I want every little piece of info I can get my hands on to make our legislatures realize, these POS don't change! Looking at statistics, I know in my heart of hearts, there are others victims of this man out there, but I can't find them. And I also know, he is going to do this again, but I seem to be the only person who cares. It is so very frustrating, and heart-braking, and hard to run into one stone wall after another. BUT, I will not give up, not as long as I have 1 breathe left in me...

    If any of you get together & decide on a strategy, I'm 100% in, and will do whatever it takes, for how ever long it takes. Things just have to change, for the innocent children that cannot defend themselves. The so called "rights" of these POS should end, the day they choose to ruin the life of a child, end of story!!!
    I can't even tell you how angry I am after reading this. I don't know what I would do in your position but I will just say that I think that you have a lot of self control. I would try to make sure that all his church members know about him. God Bless you in your mission!

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    Goodmorning peeps. I am so very sad to see that it indeed is Somer. This is just horrible news.

    I am in awe of the Sheriff on this case. Thank you PattyG for posting the presser.... it really IS a miracle that he had that detective who had the idea about following all the trash.. and he actually listened to him and put that work into motion. The sheriff even said that if it had not been for that plan that she may never have been found.

    As for the federal idea for RSOs... ITA and will help anyone work on ideas! Something needs to change quickly.

    And now right on the heels of Somer we have another small child missing while she was walking ALONE.

    Our children should NEVER walk alone.

    Perhaps another campaign would be a national campaign that stresses this! Our children should NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

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    A big pat on back for the investigators @ clay county Thes guys acted quickly and found this baby! in admist of this horrible event those guys need a hugh Kudos!
    Casey rid herself of her daughter to be at the bars...Now she will live her life behind them!!!!

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