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    Pie-splattered comedian Soupy Sales dies at 83

    RIP Soupy, thanks for the laughs!


    Soupy Sales, the rubber-faced comedian whose anything-for-a-chuckle career was built on 20,000 pies to the face and 5,000 live TV appearances across a half-century of laughs, has died. He was 83.
    Sales died at Thursday night at Calvary Hospice in the Bronx, New York, said his former manager and longtime friend, Dave Usher. Sales had many health problems and entered the hospice last week, Usher said.

    More at link.

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    I saw this come across the AP wire at work and announced it on-air. Kinda sad as he was very funny. RIP Soupy!!!!!!

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    Remember him from my childhood. So many cream pies in the face for him. He was funny.

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    "I'll probably be remembered for the pies, and that's all right" - Soupy Sales

    Soupy Sales, AKA Milton Supman
    (Only someone named Milton would prefer the name Soupy.)
    January 8, 1926 – October 22, 2009


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    I remember him from my childhood too. Being in the hospital most of the time the two that could always make me laugh no matter what were Soupy Sales and Jerry Lewis.


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    In honor of Soupy I'll throw a pie at someone today!
    RIP Mr Sales.

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    RIP Soupy

    How sad. I grew up in Detroit and Soupy was my favorite. If you think about it today take a moment and do the Soupy Shuffle in honor of this
    brillant man.

    There are many great clips of his show on You Tube.
    God Bless Jorelys

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    Oh, I have such great memories of Soupy.

    May he RIP

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    I, too, remember him from my childhood. He made me laugh. RIP

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    I remember the Soupy Sales Show and he was frequently on What's My Line and To Tell The Truth. You can catch both on late night Game Show Network reruns.

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    Love this pic!

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    I remember Saturday mornings and watching him with White Fang and Black Tooth the two puppets who no one but Soupy could understand. He was funny.
    Later in my life, as an entertainment reporter, I had the opportunity to do a phone interview with him. He was just as funny in person. When I told him I used to watch him when I was a preteen, he laughed and said "Boy, you are really old!" Love it.
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