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    Horrifying after all these years still no concrete leads.

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    I saw a show yesterday on the ID channel and they talked about her case. Is it still being actively investigated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindWhisper View Post
    This is a mugshot of John Bittrolff taken 10/8/1990 by Suffolk County police and a sketch of an unknown man seen in the area at the time

    Karen Louise Wilson vanished in 1985, Police want to find him for questioning. (Photo Credit: Namus.gov)


    In July 2014 John Bittrolff was charged with the murders of Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee as well as being a suspect in the murder of a third woman, Sandra Costilla, who was found in similar circumstances as Rita and Colleen, but their lifestyles differed

    Rita Tangredi
    Rita is the first victim. She was found dead on November 2, 1993 in Suffolk County, New York. Tangredi lived in East Patchogue and was known by police to be a prostitute.

    Colleen McNamee
    Colleen was the second victim; being found on January 30, 1994 in Suffolk County, New York. Believed by authorities to be a prostitute, she was beaten, strangled to death and left naked in the woods, near the William Floyd Parkway in Shirley, New York.

    Sandra Costilla
    Sandra is rumored to be the third victim; being found on November 20, 1993 in North Sea, New York. She hasn't been listed as a prostitute by investigators yet, however detectives have said that Costilla led a "similar lifestyle".


    Some believe John Bittrolff to be The long island Serial killer!!

    Read more about John bittrolff here, on Websleuths in the Long Island Serial Killer Forum at the link below


    What do you think??
    John Bittrolff was just convicted of killing Colleen and Rita. He probably is responsible for the death of Sandra Costilla. Hes a serial killer for sure. And yes, his photo and the sketch look identical. LE should look into this.

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    ALBANY — Thirty-two years after 22-year-old University at Albany student Karen L. Wilson disappeared, the State Police are still searching for answers.

    Wilson was last seen at 7:20 p.m. March 27, 1985, leaving the Tanning Hut at 1670 Central Ave. in Colonie. Investigators have not confirmed a possible sighting of Wilson later walking towards the college along Fuller Road.

    Troopers launched an extensive foot, dog and helicopter search near Rensselaer Lake, also know as the Six Mile Waterworks, in the days after Wilson vanished but turned up no evidence.
    Wilson was an unpaid, full-time intern for state Assemblyman Samuel Coleman and a UAlbany senior at the time of her disappearance.
    Wilson is described as a 5-foot-3 white woman with brown eyes and light brown hair, weighing 114 pounds. She was last seen wearing a quarter-length cream-colored raincoat, faded blue jeans and blue backpack.

    Anyone with information is asked to call State Police in Latham at 518-783-3211.
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    On Wednesday 3/27/85, Karen Wilson was the subject of three credible sightings by unrelated eyewitnesses, when she was walking south on Fuller Road from Central Avenue (Route 5) in Colonie (Albany County), NY. The night was described as being very dark; the road was not heavily travelled.

    1) In the first sighting at 8:15PM, Witness #1was traveling southbound on Fuller Rd after she turned from Central Ave. She stated that as she approached a gas station on her left, she passed a very slow moving vehicle, also traveling southbound ( gas station is believed to be the Workingman's Friend Gas Station). She could not recall any specifics of the vehicle's description, except that the operator was a white male in his forties with an intent look on his face. The male had a beard, brown hair with a reddish tint, and a long nose and face. Witness #1 then saw a female believed to be Karen, walking near a guide rail along the west side of Fuller Road near Sysco Food. By the time that Witness #1 reached Fuller Rd at Railroad Ave, she had already driven past the female.

    2) The second sighting of the female believed to be Karen, was also on the west side of Fuller Road. This was between 8:10Pm - 8:15PM. Witness #2 stated that the female was walking south of the entrance of Six Mile Waterworks (also known as Rensselaer Lake) near the construction road leading west off of Fuller Road. This area is located just north of the I-90 underpass. The female was walking on the grassy portion off of the sidewalk, with her head down. A smaller person of unknown sex was walking along Karen's right side ("almost shoulder to shoulder") seemingly urging her up an embankment or incline into the Six Mile area. The smaller person was described as being between 5'5" - 5'8", and between 120 - 140 pounds. When the female turned her head to the left, Witness #2 thought she appeared nervous. Witness #2 also described a white male following 50 to 100 feet behind the two subjects. He was walking at a steady pace, not seeming to be gaining on the two. He was described as being about 5'11" with a slim build, in his early 20's, and wearing dark pants and a waist length jacket (possibly beige). He had light colored hair (gold to red), and a beard or some type of facial hair. The couple then returned to the sidewalk and began walking in a normal manner southbound on Fuller Road. After Witness #2 stopped at the red light at the I-90 ramp, and then continued southbound, she saw the couple past the dirt construction road on the right, just out from the I90 underpass. Witness #2 also stated that she saw a stopped or disabled small unoccupied black vehicle at Fuller Rd at Washington Ave Ext. The vehicle had a New York plate bearing partial plate 239 (and unknown letters). The car was sedan style, and believed to be about five years old. The driver's window was down about 6"; and the passenger window was down about 2". She thought this was odd, because it looked like it was about to rain. Also noted on the driver's side window was a hole about 1/4" in diameter with cracks radiating from it. She thought that it looked like a bullet hole.

    3) The last sighting of Karen was by Witness #3 at approximately 8:20PM as he left work at the SUNY Albany Campus, and was waiting at the traffic light on Washington Ave and Fuller Rd. He was waiting for traffic to clear so that he could turn right, to proceed north on Fuller Rd, to access the I-90 entrance ramp across from the Six Mile entrance. The female was reportedly

    seen standing on the northwest corner of Fuller Road for about 10 seconds while Witness #3 was waiting for the traffic to clear. Witness #3 believed that the female appeared to be waiting for the traffic light to change. When Witness #3 made the right turn onto Fuller Rd, he saw a male crossing Fuller Rd from the west side to the east side, just south of the I-90 underpass. He took a few steps up the driveway where the construction trailers were on the east side of Fuller, but seemed to change his mind. He then walked south on the east side of Fuller Rd. The male subject did not appear to be looking towards Karen. He was described as being a white male with "sandy or light brown, messy or curly" hair, with a couple of days growth of facial hair. He was of average height, about 18 - 25 years old, and was wearing a jean or aviator type jacket, jeans, a flannel shirt, and high tan construction boots. (Refer attached composite). As Witness #3 turned right onto the I-90 ramp, he saw a lime green Volkswagen Rabbit (estimated to be a 1981 or 1982) parked along the road. There was no one around the vehicle.

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