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    Today was one off the great prosecutorial moments in American criminal jurisprudence history.

    What she did was astonishing.

    Gotta say JB came out of left field and delivered a highly charged, deliberately misleading, emotional and disturbingly effective close. And put the heat on the dt big time.

    To bear up under that intense glare and deliver what will be recognized as one of the truly memorable performances in trial history is an amazing achievement.

    I know something about delivering under intense pressure and I just want to point out that most folks do not deliver their best performance when the stakes are that intense.

    Think about it. Baez had scorched the trial with a not surprising but effectively sleazy closing that Richard Hornsby said on web sleuths radio raised many reasonable doubt issues and where Tricia predicted a hung jury as a result.

    And so it all came down to today. Everything riding on today.

    And LDB made a commanding, inspired and historic argument that will long be treasured in judicial lore.

    Job well done Linda. A lady with the right stuff when any less would have not been enough.
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    IF I PUT IT HERE ITS MY OPINION. apparently i have no idea when i need to say that in a post, so this should cover it....IN MY OPINION anyways,

    welcome to the gates of hell JVDS.

    Jose Baez: “I sincerely believe that when we have finally spoken, everyone, and I mean everyone, will sit back and say, ‘Now, I understand. That explains it.’”

    Jose Baez to da judge :

    ".....that type of testing is unique. we requested that they be allowed to test items and that of course was objected to by the state and and uh the state uh granted or sustained their objection, denied our opportunity to have him test these items due to a very specialized field, subfield, of dna that he is one of the pioneers of uh in the alternative of we were granted the ability to test certain items by an outside lab...."

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    I loved the way Linda put the phrase irony is rich in closing.I will never forget her closing argument

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    When asked yesterday if he thought LDB had taken advantage of having a night to work on her closing rebuttal to address some things Baez had said, Bill Shaeffer said no, that he doubted she'd change anything she was already going to say and had probably already been working on it for 2 yrs.

    I respectfully disagree with Bill Shaeffer. LDB's rebuttal was clearly directed at shooting Beaz out of the water, and she did so very powerfully. She distinctly addressed with clinical precision his closing statement and dissected it beautifully. I think she took full advantage of having the night to tweak her statement. Granted she probably had most of it prepared before but clearly she polished it by bringing up and squashing like a pesky bug everything Baez said that could have remotely given the jury any reasonable doubt.

    Unless I've provided a link, everything I say is IMO

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    her close was the most amazing thing I've ever watched. my whole family was riveted and might I add, that includes hubby who is dang sick of this case....we were absolutely riveted.

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    Prosecutor in Casey Anthony case makes A-K family proud


    Mother Of Casey Anthony Prosecutor Reacts To Verdict


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    I appreciate all your fantastic work on Caylee's behalf!

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    I had read the article w/ comments from LDB's mom, but am just reading the one with addl. comments from dad and sister. As a "daddy's girl" and a "little sister" myself, this one really touched me.

    I noticed a link to the article is posted on previous page, but obviously I missed this the first time around...so am bumping up for LDB and the prosecution team!

    Oh...the article also mentions comments from her extended family, (cousins, uncles, etc.)...they think she's awesome, as do I! LOL!

    IMO, this is a must read...it really shows the foundation for LDB's apparently strong family values.

    snip (some highlights)>>

    "I wasn't the least bit surprised," he said. "She's got 20 years of experience in child abuse and child sex cases and worked in homicide cases."

    "She's tried numerous high profile cases over the years, Drane said. "This isn't her first rodeo."

    ...An Oakmont resident, exchanged e-mails with her older sister a short time after the verdict was rendered.

    "She said she's OK and she'll call me later," "She said she thought she did the best she could. She just wanted to do her job. You just can't predict what a jury is going to do."

    Drane said her sister is a passionate advocate for victims of often-nightmarish crimes.

    "You know how sisters are, growing up close in age," Cindy said. "She was always telling on me when I would do something wrong."

    He said that his cousin was always "very smart and very attentive" as a student.

    "I taped it every day and then watched it when I got home from work, fast-forwarding through the defense," she said.

    "I wouldn't expect her to be on TV every day," she said. " It's kind of strange. I get to come home and watch my sister on TV."

    She said her sister does not fall prey to the high-profile hype, describing her as "steady."

    But the attention was starting to be a distraction as the trial wound down, with people at the supermarket starting to recognize her from TV and publications.

    "I told her to put her hair in a pony tail , wear a hat and put on dark glasses," Cindy Drane said.

    "Geraldo Rivera came up to her and introduced himself, but she told him she couldn't talk to him"....

    "You'll find one thing out about Linda -- she plays by the rules, her ethics are high,"

    Much more at link:

    Read more: Prosecutor in Casey Anthony case makes A-K family proud - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pitt...#ixzz1SUeKoUd8

    Read more: Prosecutor in Casey Anthony case makes A-K family proud - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pitt...#ixzz1SUbiWg37

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    I absolutely LOVE Linda Drane Burdick. She is the anti-"Sleazy Lawyer", in my opinion. She gives me hope that there IS justice out there somewhere, and makes me proud of professional women everywhere. You go, girl! Linda, you rock!

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    She is a wonderful Pros and did her best in that trial. It's to bad when the defense can get up there and lie and get away with it. The jury believing every word that defense attorney said.

    I would never have dreamed that Linda had been in practice for 20 years!She must have started out when she was 5!

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    I loved watching Ms.Drane-Burdick. She, nor the other defense team members, should hold their head no lower than high. Great job.

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    I would give anything if the SA office would allow her to be interviewed. I have worried about her so much. What a fantastic job she did all the way through. Telling CM "No"....priceless!

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    There couldn't have been a better fighter for justice for Caylee Marie. I found that the poise and professionalism of Ms. Drane-Burdick will remain one of the warmest memories I hold of this trial. She put her heart and soul into this trial, and she didn't stoop down to the lower-than-low level of the DT. I wish the jury had really listened to her. They got it all wrong and went for the razzle-dazzle, but I have faith that Karma will right some of the wrongs. LDB is truly a woman to be reckoned with and she is gorgeous as well as a passionate fighter for justice. May her future brighten with each new case that comes her way.

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    This is the only Support Thread I found for LDB specifically so I will post here
    Thanks to Karma for posting it in the Daily News Thread

    http://www.wftv.com/weblogs/sheaffer...a-drane-judge/ VIDEO

    Sheaffer Says: Judge Burdick?

    Linda Drane Burdick, is now throwing her hat in the ring to become a judge.

    "There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first is excellent, the second good, and the third useless.

    --Niccolo Machiavelli"

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    Bumping Linda to the top! She finally speaks out a bit. Love this woman!

    Iron Lady - Orlando Home & Leisure

    oh, the iorny in the title of this article! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by beach View Post
    Bumping Linda to the top! She finally speaks out a bit. Love this woman!

    Iron Lady - Orlando Home & Leisure

    oh, the iorny in the title of this article! lol
    Linda Drane-Burdick is A one in my book. The only attorney who hasn't exploited Caylee in any way. I hope she always remains the classy lady that she is. She outshines all of them including Judge Belvin Perry.
    A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty....

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