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    AR - Tommie & Anna Barber for child endangerment, Boone County, 2009

    Authorities in Boone County, Arkansas arrested a husband and wife this week (10-29-09,) after complaints of child neglect were filed against them.

    Tommie J. Barber Sr., 38, and Anna Barber, 54, are facing two charges each of felony endangering the welfare of a minor.

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    snipped from article....

    The Barbers, have been released from custody after the each posted $10,000 bond.


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    Is she the mother, grandmother or stepmother? She would have been 44 when the first child was born, and 46 when the youngest child was born. She looks more like his mother than his wife.

    What shocked me the most wasn't the chaining in the home. (Isn't that sad that I wasn't shocked because I had seen it before?) What shocked me the most was that they let them out into the yard and chained them up to tires! Neither kid has been to school.

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    They should have never been let out on bond. Over time we've come across cases like this where children are kept isolated and neglected, some are "raised" by family dogs "feral children" (there was a case in Russia). It's horrible, the children can never heal from that type of abuse.
    I take it they had no neighbors or lived rural?
    You'd think if they had neighbors they would have noticed children chained outside..
    I'm disgusted they were able to bond out.
    Those children need loving homes with good families. They should keep them together, ages 8 and 10!
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    This is not the end of this story-this story is going to lead up to some kind of sexual assault I suspect. There are very very few reasons to keep that much control over a child unless you are worried about what they will tell. JMO
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    AR - Tommie & Anna Barber for child abuse, neglect, Olvey, Oct 2009


    A woman accused of chaining her stepchildren to a tire in their bedroom, and to a dog cage and tree in the front yard was convicted Monday of two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.

    Anna L. Barber

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    February 2012:

    A woman accused of chaining her stepchildren to a tire in their bedroom, and to a dog cage and tree in the front yard was convicted Monday of two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor...

    Deputy prosecutor Brad Brown told the Daily Times that both children testified at trial. Aside from other allegations, both indicated they had been bound with duct tape on occasion.

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    March 2012:

    Barber told Judge Putman that she was sorry for all the legal problems that had arisen. She also said she understood how the evidence against her looked and why the court had convicted her.

    “But I only had the kids’ best interest at heart,” she said in court Friday.

    Judge Putman told Barber that he was going to speak bluntly to her.

    “Most people treat animals better than you treated these children,” Putman said...

    Putman then sentenced her to six years in prison on each count, with those sentences to run consecutively. He also ordered her to pay a $2,500 fine and remanded her to the Sheriff’s Office for incarceration awaiting space in prison.

    February 2013 appeal:

    Appellant does not deny that she was charged with supervision of the eight- and ten-
    year-old minors in question, or that she purposely and habitually padlocked them in their
    room, where they were chained to a tire during the day and duct-taped together in their bed
    at night. Instead, she argues that those acts were insufficient to create a substantial risk of
    death or serious physical injury to the minors. We disagree.

    July 2013:

    Boone County Circuit Judge John Putman said he will rule in writing on Anna Barber’s motion for a new trial claiming her attorneys were ineffective when she was convicted of endangering the welfare of her stepchildren almost four years ago...

    Moon arranged for her husband to plead guilty to the same charges in exchange for no prison time. Moon then told her it would be a conflict of interest for him to defend her...

    She said that when DHS workers showed up at her house that night in 2009 the children had just eaten spaghetti. She said they had smeared sauce in their hair and on their clothing. The DHS worker took black-and-white photos, then claimed the substance in their hair was fecal matter....

    Barber was sentenced to six years prison on each of the two counts against her, the maximum allowed by law. Putman ruled that the sentences be run consecutively.
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