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    Quote Originally Posted by justthinkin View Post
    Respectfully snipped.

    Roselvr, I see you are in NJ. Down here in the south, fire ants are a huge problem--everywhere in the south. They kill other ants. Ants are omnivores. If a person steps on a fire ant bed, in about 2 seconds your foot would be covered with stinging, biting ants. Their sting is significantly worse than the old red and black ants we used to have. Their bites will cause water blisters on even those who aren't allergic to them.
    They're extremely painful, and burn something awful.

    We lose deer fawns and ground nesting birds to fire ants here in the south. I can almost promise you there were fire ants around those dumpsters, and most likely the only kind of ants there.
    See the post [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4265008#post4265008"]here[/ame]

    quoting post-

    Quote Originally Posted by believe09 View Post
    Snip-"An ambulance was called to the scene. "He was totally naked. He was unresponsive. When I looked at him, he had a lot of sores on him," recalls paramedic Sue Usry."-snip

    OK, so here is a partial statement from a first responder regarding the fact that he had sores, no clothing and was unresponsive. She does not say fire ant bites, sunburned, or indicates he had any injuries...so lets see what we can find that documents his injuries.
    So my question is who said fire ant bites? - Sorry to bold - wanted to separate from the quote.

    At some point someone must have said it looks like fire ant bites - but the paramedic who has probably seen fire ant bites because they are common - did not say bites. she said sores

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    Quote Originally Posted by believe09 View Post
    Well, this is where it is tricky I think. If we were talking about a simple UID or a missing persons case, there would be no decisionmaking. These files are available to the press via FOIA.

    Let me add a thought-maybe it makes sense to level the playing field. We all look at the police reports-is there an indication that the ball was dropped by LE? Were there clear indications that a crime had been committed and did they make a mistake in not following up? Or, was there no evidence of a crime being committed.

    See, to me, there has been common thread in the media reports...RHPD screwed up. The hospitals screwed up. The first responders screwed up. Everyone wrongly assumed this man was a transient and never gave him another thought. They kicked him from hospital to hospital to rehab to shelter without any thought that he might be something more. Until he was rescued. And then his cause caught fire in the online community.

    But, what if the basic premise of this story is untrue? I mean we are talking about RHPD, and an EMS unit, and two hospitals and the reputation of a rehab center. As I said before when we started regrouping, you have to believe that this man was completely failed by everyone until NB came along.

    That is what we are trying to get to the heart of, because we do not have what came before that day. We only have from that day to the present to work with. That is why we are all chipping away at it until we get a clearer picture....JMO.
    Just wanted to reiterate that as a resident of Richmond Hill for 8 years now, and having a casual friendship with all officers involved in this case, I can assure you that without a doubt, this is a highly reputable department with well trained, professional officers. We have a relatively low level of crime in town, and when crimes do occur, they solved very quickly. The detectives with RHPD all well seasoned and respected in our community.

    I can say without hesitation that I believe BK was treated with respect and was not written off as a vagrant without cause, based on my knowledge of the work ethics of all officers on the RHPD force.

    Just my two

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    I was aware of Benjaman having sores, however, I guess I mistakenly thought they were in addition to ant bites. This is the first I've heard that there was never any mention of ant bites. Hmmmm.

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    If Ben was a vagrant, was he a lot thinner when found? Did he gain the extra weight after he was found or was he heavy set when found? This is something I've never been sure of. I made mention on another thread here that Ben doesn't fit the mold of a vagrant weight wise. Course then I haven't been to any soup kitchens lately. Maybe all the ones I see panhandling are druggies or crack heads hence on the skinnier side.

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    As far as I know, BK was heavy set when found.
    I would think that would be in the first set of medical records.
    But like everything else recently, perhaps we should examine that.

    How much did he weigh when he was found?
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    Dream-I was told he was around 240 when found and is now around 225. Both statements were from NB and BK.
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