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    IN - Lola Katherine Fry, 28, Greenwood, 14 Nov 1993

    Lola Katherine Fry
    Missing since November 14, 1993 from Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: February 20, 1965
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 28 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5"; 120 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; green eyes.
    Marks, Scars: Fry has a scar on her right knee and a small scar on her forehead. She has breast implants.
    Dentals: Available
    AKA: Kat

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Fry was last seen in Greenwood, Indiana and was en route to Fort Wayne but never arrived. She had left her car parked at an East side restaurant. The car also is missing. It is as a 1990 red and black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plate that says "LOLA."

    Fry was a dancer at Brad's Gold Club and PT's. She was trying to change her life at the time of her disappearance. She had quit as a dancer, was moving to Fort Wayne and was going back to school. She has four children. November 13, 1993 was her last night in Indianapolis. She was reported missing by her sister on November 18, 1993.

    Police have a prime suspect and presume Fry is dead. However, no direct evidence exists.

    The last official accounting of Fry was that she had been partying with friends at an East side Indianapolis apartment and either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs.

    Police have been told Fry was wrapped in a blanket, carried to a car and driven away by her former boyfriend. His account was that Fry was at his home and he left her there and went to work. When he returned an hour later he says Fry and her car were gone. State police records show he failed two polygraph tests.

    Police questioned the former boyfriend, and he allowed officers to search his home and business. No charges were sought against him or the people who carried Fry to the man's vehicle.

    State Police listed Fry's car on national computers, and if any law enforcement agency encounters the car, they are to notify Indiana investigators. The car's identification number has never surfaced on any salvage title or wreck.

    Kathy Fry disappeared within the day she was to give a final deposition in a class action lawsuit against an Indianapolis plastic surgeon. Court documents detail breast augmentation and charges of malpractice and fraud. Fry and other dancers sued the owner of Brad's Gold Club along with the surgeon and Dow Corning, maker of the silicone gel implants. When Fry disappeared, her colleagues dropped their lawsuits.

    Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.

    Her case was reopened in 1999.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Indiana State Police
    Detective William Vann

    Agency Case Number: 52-21954

    NCIC Number: M-080486443

    Please refer to these numbers when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:

    The Indy Star
    Find Katherine Fry
    The Doe Network: Case File 1039DFIN



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    Bumping case up...

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    Indianapolis, IN
    my heart goes out to this family. not knowing for so long what happened to their daughter is unimaginable.

    growing up in Greenwood, I always thought that it was a safe, secure area. my family moved to there from Indianapolis right after the Sylvia Likens murder. we lived right around the corner...half a block away. I was 10 at the time. with the recent info that one of the convicted daughters turned up in Iowa under another name and was fired from her job at a local school, it brought back those memories and that of Ms Fry.

    I don't know why this case has intrigued me so, but it does. I don't remember anything about it at the time it happened but started following it within the past 10 years or so. maybe its because I know I have seen her car......and my mind, so many years later, has convinced me that it was around the time that she disappeared.

    I'm a car nut and have been in the car dealership parts business for 30+ years. my memory tells me that I saw this car pass me on southbound I-65 at night, just south of I-465. the reason I remember this is silly, but the license plate "LOLA" I remember vividly. being an Indianapolis 500 fan, my thought was "LOL....they must think they have an Indycar!" as it passed by me going probably 70+mph. why that thought had stuck in my head, I don't know.....but its there to this day. didn't see who was driving, if there were any passengers, etc. just remember the red/black Mitsubishi Eclipse and "LOLA".

    I only wish I could narrow down the date that I saw this but I think it was about the time she disappeared. I had just started dating a girl from Whiteland and I was living in Indy. our first date was Friday 10/22/93. the following weekend, I was sick and we didn't go out but we did the weekend after, which would have been the weekend before Ms Fry went missing. for some time I travelled I-65 south from Indy to Whiteland on a Friday or Saturday night. so when I did see her car, it was sometime between 10/22 and I guess the time she disappeared.....11/13.

    I wish I could be more helpful with an exact date, but as I said....the mind plays games with you and after so many years, I'm not sure what is fact and what is what I wish were fact. but I do know that I've seen her car on that stretch of I-65 at night. just when.......I just can't be sure.

    some time back I contacted someone about this case, as I found a red/black Eclipse or Talon (similar looking cars) parked in a driveway at a house in Greenwood. I believe the Police checked it out, only to find it was not her car.

    while I have read many accounts of what happened the evening of her disappearance, there is no mention as to how HER car got from the eastside party to Greenwood. only that her ex had help putting her in a car and driving to his house. but then the next day he got up, went to work....I assume in his car. so, how did HER car get to Greenwood? did she meet him there and they went to the eastside together? I thought I read she met him there, but I may be mistaken.

    I hope someday, whoever knows what happened to her, comes forward and tells all. surely there is more than one person that knows. secrets generally don't stay secrets forever.

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    1) anyone know how her car got from the eastside to Greenwood?

    2) anyone know if Ms Fry normally travelled I-65 South, between I-465 and Greenwood?

    since its been so long, I'm surprised that law enforcement just hasn't posted all the info they have in hopes that something might surface. what do they have to lose? it's been 19 years and they apparently don't have any new leads, so why withold info?

    I was hoping to get a reply here from someone close to this case, such as the family or local law enforcement. I tried the link to the Indiana State Police but it doesn't work.
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    Indiana Unsolved:

    This is an occasional series highlighting some of the area’s unsolved crimes. Longtime Star reporter Diana Penner recounts details of the crime, the victim and where the case stands with hopes of generating new information.

    Video & interview with her sister at link.
    The article refers to a family's website as findkathy.com but that does not resolve. I did find this one: http://www.findkatherinefry.com/

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    A recent interview with Lola Katherine Fry's sister, Darlene Pitts.


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