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    Microsoft 'patents human skin'

    Microsoft has reportedly succeeded in patenting human skin as a new kind of network.

    InSourced claims recently awarded US Patent No. 6,754, 472 is a 'method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body'.

    The patent, it says, is part of a new plan to link together several devices using skin as a connector.

    As an example, Microsoft says it would be possible to have just one speaker for a person's watch, PDA, and portable radio, if they were all connected to that speaker through skin.

    It adds that different devices could be powered from a single power source strapped to the skin.


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    LOL I wonder if next they will begin charging us astronimic fees for having skin?
    And EULA agreements??

    Like we don't really own our skins we are only paying the fee to use it...

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