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    I think it is telling what Cheyenne wrote about Scolari..

    If he was going to commit suicide because of the heat from LE, why not in January 1970 when the heat really was on?

    He waited 'til March 1973 when he owed a lot of money to people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaryLiz View Post
    It's odd though that he said he was innocent when he committed suicide 5 years later. Had he done it, you would think he would want to admit to it before he died.
    Yes indeed. This may be a case where LE focused on a single suspect under public pressure to find the perpetrator of such a horrifying massacre and neglected other possibilities. If that's what happened then the case was doomed to go cold after Scolari's death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scriptgirl View Post
    I find it odd that no one came to check on the family-that they just lay there that whole time, dead.
    It does indeed seem odd at first glance, but back in the 1960's it was not unusual for many people to be unreachable at their summer homes.

    Since no one noticed the smell and lack of activity around the cottage I assume that it was located in a fairly isolated area with no neighbors nearby. In those days it was still quite common even for well-off folks to not have a phone at their summer home -not even a party line- if said home was not close enough to Ma Bell's main telephone lines. If such was the case then there would be no reason for friends and relatives to become worried about not hearing from people residing at their cottage in summertime.

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    Very interesting effect looking at Ted Kaczymski with glasses and the Valerie Percy suspect.

    Look at the framing, the forehead, hairline, nose and lips, overall face structure. Striking IMO. May send this to the detectives.

    Back to Zodiac case...

    What the glasses add is this - look how the glasses frame the face, forehead, ears.

    Look at the over all face structure, eyes, ears, jaws, chin, look at the lips...very similar, and the glasses enhance the similarity.

    A January Detroit News article mentioning the August 1968 tip from an informant, who may have had inside knowledge of the case, and the informants message that he asked to be place in a classified ad.

    The ad mentions ZODIUS, almost one year before the ZODIAC announced himself to the world. Both come from the Latin word ZODIACUS.

    Body of Mrs. Robison covered by a blanket. The bodies of Domigos and Edwards were also covered by a towel, as were some victims of the EAR/ONS. Like the bodies of Domingos and Edwards, the bodies of Mr. Robison and one of his sons were placed on top of each other. Former FBI Agent John Douglas says posing occurs in less than 1% of murders. Like Valerie Percy, Mrs. Robison had her dress lifted up to expose her.

    Police ballistics reports in the Robison Family Murders indicate a .22 with six lands and grooves, with a right twist. This matches both Domigos and Edwards Santa Barbara 1963 and Zodiac 12/20/68.


    Sharon Bubes, Evanston, IL - Attacked in her bedroom with a hammer, 6/30/66

    Valerie Percy, Kenilworth, IL - Murdered in her bedroom by hammer and long 10 - 12 inch knife, 9/18/66

    Bricca Family, Cincinnati, OH - Found bound with household objects and murdered in bedrooms by knife, 9/27/66

    Sims Family, Tallahassee, FL - Bound with household objects and murdered, 10/22/66

    Cheri Jo Bates, Riverside, CA - Murdered at campus library by short 3 inch knife, 10/30/66

    Confession letter in Cheri Jo Bates murder, Riverside, CA - probably placed in mailbox on 11/28/66

    Robison Family, Good Hart, MI - All family members shot, mother beaten with a hammer, 6/25/68

    Cecelia Shepard, Lake Berryessa, CA - Bound and murdered by long 10 - 12 inch knife, 9/27/69

    Betsy Aardsma, State College, PA - Murdered in campus library by short 3 inch knife, 11/28/69

    Joan Webster, Boston, MA - Harvard grad student abducted and killed, 11/28/81

    On September 18, 1966, Valerie Percy was brutally murdered in the mansion of her father, Bell & Howell CEO and Republican Nominee for Senate Charles Percy. With the next 34 days, two American familes would be wiped out in horrorific home invasion slaughters. Father, mother, children. These were the Bricca Family in Cincinnati, Ohio found dead on September 27, 1966 and the Sims Family killed in Tallahassee, Florida on October 22, 1966. Just 8 days later, the first crime of the Zodiac Killer happened in Riverside, California, the day before Halloween. This was the murder of Cheri Jo Bates on October 30, 1966.

    On June 25, 1968, the Robison family would be killed in their Northern Michigan cottage, in Good Hart. Father, mother, daughter, three sons.

    Was this the work of five different killers? There is evidence to suggest that.

    But could these five murder sites be connected? Were there similarites between the victims, MO, geography and weapons to suggest that it was at least possible these and others were the work of one man? Yes.

    There is evidence and witnesses that say Valerie Percy and Linda Bricca knew each other, and they both came from the same upper class social circles in suburban Chicago.

    Valerie Percy, Cheri Jo Bates, Celia Shepard, Betsy Aardsma, Joan Webster - each young woman was a college girl.

    Percy, Bricca, Sims, Bates, Robison, Webster - in each case the father had multiple connections to the world of business, high tech, computers, government and/or defense contracts.

    Dr. Sims was a government official for the State of Florida Education Department and ran the computer division, and apparently was a top "nationally recognized" computer expert.

    Charles Percy was the Republican nominee for US Senate, and CEO of the high tech company Bell & Howell, that made camera's and computer like business machines.

    Mr. Bricca worked for the high tech chemical company Monsanto.

    Mr. Robison was a magazine publisher and looking to do a major expansion at a rural airport to create "computerized warehouse operations" and cultural centers. He then wanted to expand this idea across the country.

    The Sims family being bound with stockings, mens ties and socks in their mouth matches exactly with what a Ohio detective told me was done to the Bricca family.

    The father of Cheri Jo Bates worked at the Naval Weapons Facility. The father of Joan Webster was ex CIA, and was at the time the Vice President at IT&T, Defense Technologies Group.

    The Percy mansion and the Robison cottage are both on or near Lake Michigan.

    The Shepard murder was confirmed work of the ZODIAC, the Bates murder was probably/almost certainly ZODIAC and ZODIAC certainly sent letters to the newspaper claiming knowledge of the crime and asked his letter be published in the newspaper, and ZODIAC has been mentioned in published books as a suspect in both the Percy, Aardsma and Webster murders.

    In the Robison Murders a tipster sent in clues to a newspaper claiming knowledge of the crime and asked for the name ZODIUS to appear in the newspaper.

    Also, the Bricca Family murder was husband-wife-young daughter. Sims Family murder was husband-wife-youngest daughter. Both were brutal overkill stabbings, as was Percy murder, as was Robison murder, gunshots also in Sims and Robison cases. The Robison Family were shot to death. In Bubes, Percy and Robison a hammer was used. In Bricca, Sims and Shepard victims were bound. Bates and Aardsma were killed in or at college libraries, on Fall Holiday periods, with a short 3 inch knife. In Percy and Shepard an approximately FOOT LONG knife/bayonet was used.

    In the possible early Zodiac crime of the Santa Barbara murders of Domingos and Edwards, the Zodiac murder on 12/20/68 of Jensen and Faraday and the Robison Family murders of 6/25/68 a .22 with rifling of six lands and grooves with a right hand twist was used.

    I think the evidence shows Bates and Shepard were killed by the Zodiac, but we don't know who the Zodiac was. In some of these cases, like Robison, there are good local suspects, who while never charged have a compelling amount of circumstantial evidence pointing towards them. In other cases, like Aardsma and Webster, there are different suspects but none that really stand out and the evidence is not very compelling and they are unsolved. In many of the cases, like Percy, Bricca and Sims, there are no real solid suspects and the cases are unsolved.

    The murder sites in Good Hart, Michigan (Robison Family 6/25/68 ), Cincinnati, Ohio (Bricca Family found 9/27/66) and Tallahassee, Florida (Sims Family 10/22/66) all are in an almost perfect vertical line on a map. Add in Kenilworth, Illinois (Valerie Percy 9/18/66) and State College, Pennsylvania (Betsy Aardsma 11/28/69) and they all form a rough cross, actually more like the Yggdrasil Symbol/Algiz Rune. The Algiz Rune translates as the English letter "Z". The Yggdrasil has 3 roots, 6 serpents and 9 branches. Ted Kaczynski drew a Yggdrasil at a crime scene.

    At the campus of a Unabomber target, Ted Kaczynski spraypainted the Yggdrasil symbol, also known as the Algiz Rune, along with the letters "FC" and "Anarchy". The Anglo-Saxon translation of the Algiz Rune is "Z"! It consists of, once again, crossed lines inside a circle. The Yggdrasil is the World Tree, but it also stands for "tree of terror; gallows", and the Algiz Rune also means to "wound severely; to mark with blood."

    Doug Oswell noted the sites of tampered Tylenol in the Chicago area in 1982 form a Yggdrasil shape, and I have seen this pattern repeat in other cases I have studied in which TK is a suspect.

    Boles Family murder scene in CRESTLINE CA is just 27 miles from Bates murder scene in RIVERSIDE CA:

    I read one report that the Boles family were found in one room, and that BODIES WERE STACKED ATOP EACH OTHER, as in possible Zodiac 6/4/63, Bricca 9/27/66 and Robison 6/25/68. Amazing. Maybe someone else can confirm?

    And the Boles murder weapon was a .22 LR, same as Zodiac 12/20/68 and Robison 6/25/68. Also, police in the Boles case said the weapon was likely a HIGH STANDARD, and in Zodiac 12/20/68 and Robsion 6/25/68 police said the weapon was likely a HIGH STANDARD or JC HIGGINS.

    NOTE: While the Percy murder fits the lone female college girl attacks, it should also IMO be considered a family attack, BEACAUSE THE ENTIRE FAMILY WAS HOME AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK AND MAY HAVE BEEN THE TARGET, BUT FOR THE INTERRUPTION OF THE STEPMOTHER AND THE BURGLAR ALARM.


    Also, in a THREE YEAR PERIOD from 8/14/65 to 6/25/68, we have five families attacked in their homes- Percy, Bricca, Sims, Boles, Robison. All have a high tech connection. In Bricca, Boles and Robison bodies are stacked atop each other. And a .22 LR, knife and a hammer is a frequent weapon.


    Very interesting that posing occurs in only 1% of murders, yet we have posing of bodies stacked atop each other in Santa Barbara 1963, the Robsion murders and the Bricca case.

    And the timing - Domingos-Edwards 6/4/63, Percy 9/18/66, Bricca 9/25-27/66, Sims 10/22/66, Bates 10/30/66, Robison 6/25/68.

    Kaczynski family home was 15 minutes from the Percy home in Kenilworth, Illinois.

    Picture of Bubes/Percy suspect and Ted Kaczynski, glasses added by Traveller1st.

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    In August 1968 someone sent in a tip that said they had information on the case but in order to get it law enforcement had to place an ad in the personals classified. This is what the ad said - apparently the exact words required by the anonymous tipster:

    DR. GUIDINI: Your prescription good.
    However, need additional.
    Isn't it a bit strange that this person asked the police to place the ad, rather than doing it themselves? This suggests a couple things to me:

    1. The informant was toying with the police, a very Zodiac thing to do.

    2. The informant was a follower of the Zodiac crimes and wanted this one linked, for whatever reason.

    3. The message was real, and the informant was possibly in prison at the time, and unable to post it himself.

    Also, this office 'memo' is sheer bunk, and came from no office of any organisation, anywhere. To pick a few holes in it:

    1. No secretary of any company dealing in that kind of money would be that illiterate (note the many misspellings and grammatical issues: "the govern power", "soully") and last more than two minutes on the job.

    2. No secretary would sign just her first name on any official memo.

    3. The entire wording, as AKWILKS said, sounds like something a kid obsessed with espionage stories would make up. Something from the Thunderbirds, that sort of maturity of thought in it.

    AKWILKS: I don't know what "Computer Headquarters" is supposed to mean. It doesn't sound like anything a real businessman would write, but more like a lay person's conception of a business memo or a young person who likes comic books and James Bond movies. Or someone with an inflated idea of the powers of computers and their impact, either for good or bad. The ideas of world peace and unity are expressed in such terms that it seems not like idealism but mockery IMO.
    I can't add much more than that, sums up my perception precisely.

    So forgive me if it's been stated already, but what's the story with this memo? Where and when was it found? How was it handled, as a possible piece of evidence?

    I have to add that the reason I'm looking at this case is that it, along with several other Zodiac-related crimes, reminds me of what happened with the Keddie murders, and I have often wondered if the crime scene at Keddie was staged to resemble reports of these murders, maybe to throw investigators off the track.

    To recap briefly, there was a family murder at the Keddie resort, Plumas County, CA., in 1981. The crime happened at night, and there's a LOT of unanswered questions.

    - Sue Sharp, 36, was severely beaten facially, bound with medical tape and stabbed to death. Then moved and bound again in a hogtie position with multiple black electrical cords. She was gagged, excessively, with tape and her own underwear. Sue was also posed, with her night dress pulled up to her bra, nude underneath, and then covered with a sheet and blanket.

    - John Sharp, 15, was severely beaten facially, bound and stabbed to death. Then moved and bound again most likely post-mortem by his ankles with a single white electrical cord, which was also tied to Dana Wingate's feet.

    - Dana Wingate, 17, a friend of John's, was severely beaten facially, strangled and hit with a hammer, cause of death called as 'strangulation'. Then he was moved (several hours after his death, says his livor mortis patterns), his head placed on a sofa cushion on the floor, and bound post-mortem to John Sharp by his ankles, with the white electrical cord).

    - Tina Sharp, 12, abducted from the scene. Her skeletal remains were discovered 3 years later, 65 miles away. There was evidence of blunt force trauma to the facial side of her skull.

    How this differs, though is -- there were three young boys left alive in the cabin, two Sharp brothers age 5 and 10, and their guest for the night, a boy age 11, almost 12 (and step-son of one of the main suspects). All the younger boys shared a room right next to the living room where all the bodies were found. None were harmed.

    I don't think this was Zodiac, but I do think there's enough similarities to consider a copycat, at least with the staging.

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    Thanks for the response. You raise some interesting points to consider. I will post some more info on the memo over the weekend. The memo writer puts "***" under the letters "EBE". The letters "EBE" start off the last unsolved 18 of the first Zodiac Code.

    You said:

    "2. The informant was a follower of the Zodiac crimes and wanted this one linked, for whatever reason."

    Right, this is the natural thought, but here is what is so interesting. This ad was placed in August 1968. The first confirmed Zodiac crime happened six months LATER, on 12/20/68, and the killer did not sign a letter with the name "Zodiac" until August 1969. One year after the Robison informant "Zodius" ad appeared!

    Given that the police said "ZODIUS" had inside knowledge of the crime,that is one of the factors that makes me consider if the "ZODIUS" killer of the Robsion family went on to become the "ZODIAC" killer.

    I agree with you, the memo is bunk IMO. A plant. From someone with no knowledge of business, and an overactive imagination, and a hyper view of the power of computers.

    Who wrote it and why, that is the mystery.

    As far as Keddie, like Boles in Crestline, CA 8/14/65 and Robsion in Michigan 6/25/68, it is a brutal murder of a family in a cabin in the woods. Some poeople are saying someone confessed, and they consider it almost solved but not enough proof to indict? I looked at the case a little, I will try to study it more.

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    Doesn't the Boles murders rather mess up the pattern of the Algiz Rune? Edit: I see it was 1965.

    I wish there was more to be discovered about those murders..I had a good look a while back and could uncover very little.
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    Right. It would mess up the pattern. So my theory is still valid only if we look at the 1966 to 1969 cluster for the Algiz Rune/Yggdrasil match, which I think perhaps makes sense, as you acknowledge.

    I don't say "for sure" all these cases are linked, but it was an incredible explosion of violence against families, all with high tech connections, in particular computers and/or aerospace, with frequent MO and weapon matches.

    Interestingly, the 8/14/65 Boles murder in Crestline, CA is just 27 miles from the site of the probable first Zodiac crime, the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, CA on 10/30/66. So that could create a possible map pattern, in particular if you add the other possible and confirmed Zodiac cases like Santa Barbara 1963. Don't have time to do a map on that now, maybe someone else can or I can do it next week.

    I don't say "for sure" these cases are linked, but it was an incredible explosion of violence against families, all with high tech connections, in particular computers and/or aerospace, with frequent MO and weapon matches. I have confirmed body stacking in the Boles case, so that matches possible Zodiac Domingos-Edwards 6/4/63, Bricca 9/27/66 and Robison 6/25/68. In Boles case, the body of one of the sons was found underneath the mother Darlene, just as RAND mentioned.

    The murder sites in Good Hart, Michigan (Robison Family 6/25/68), Cincinnati, Ohio (Bricca Family found 9/27/66) and Tallahassee, Florida (Sims Family 10/22/66) all are in an almost perfect vertical line on a map.

    Add in Kenilworth, Illinois (Valerie Percy 9/18/66) and State College, Pennsylvania (Betsy Aardsma 11/28/69) and they all form a rough cross, actually more like the Yggdrasil Symbol/Algiz Rune.

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    The Robison family murders, also called the Good Hart murders, refers to the murders of Richard Robison, his wife Shirley Robison, and their four children, Ritchie, Gary, Randy, and Susan, in the summer of 1968.

    The wealthy family from the Detroit area were murdered while vacationing in their summer cottage in Good Hart, Michigan. This case is still unsolved...

    Photo of Robison family at below link...


    Robison family murders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    The Robison family murders, also called the Good Hart murders, refers to the murders of Richard Robison, his wife Shirley Robison, and their four children, Ritchie, Gary, Randy, and Susan, in the summer of 1968.

    The wealthy family from the Detroit area were murdered while vacationing in their summer cottage in Good Hart, Michigan. This case is still unsolved...

    Photo of Robison family at below link...


    Robison family murders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thanks for the photo!...The little girl may have been the last to be killed. And the killer ran out of bullets so he had to use the claw hammer on her.
    If there was two killers they both would have had a gun and shot all. So I believe there was only one killer there......the guy whom left a suicide note stating he did not kill them I believe him.

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    Bumping for the Robinson family

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    Several years ago I contacted the police in the BRICCA Family murders, a horrible killing of a family in the Cincinnati area. The father Gerry Bricca was from San Francisco and worked for Monsanto Chemical, a company that was involed in genetic engineering of foods and of which Ted Kaczynski later said employees of this Monsanto company should be "hit hard" and "hit where it hurts". There is evidence Mrs. Bricca knew Valerie Percy, who was brutally murdered just one week earlier. The Bricca family was found dead September 27, 1966. Percy had been killed one week earlier in suburban Chicago, and probable Zodiac victim Cheri Bates was killed in California one month later.

    I spoke to the Homicide/Major Crimes squad for the Hamilton County Sheriff Department, and they seemed very interested.

    A detective called me on the phone after looking at my evidence, and I explained possible similarities and links between the Percy case, Zodiac and Bricca.

    I explained to him that the 1963 Domingos/Edwards murders were a possible Zodiac crime, so that is probably what he is thinking of when he talks about the similarities of Zodiac stacking bodies and the Bricca case, with the female on top of the male in both cases. Anyone who is a member at ZKF you can inform them that Capt Zoellner is indeed refering to Domingos/Edwards as a possible Zodiac case and perhaps in the context of information I gave them on a known serial killer and Zodiac suspect with Midwest ties (Ted Kaczynski) who was living in the Michigan and Illinois areas at the time of the murders.

    I talked to him about TK and Zodiac, but also about Ted Bundy (a friend of Linda Bricca from stewardess school had been killed in Washington state and Bundy has been mentioned as a suspect) and the EAR/ONS (similar home invasions and binding of victims).

    Keep your fingers crossed they may have DNA.

    "Captain Lloyd Zoellner says, "There was hair found in bedsheets in daughters bedroom, hair found in Linda's hand and on the bed it could be from the suspect".

    AK - Interesting, similar to Cheri Bates - hairs found in her hand.

    "Detectives are looking beyond Cincinnati for that suspect. It's taking them to a truly evil place. Detective Douglas Todd says "There is no sense of struggle in the house."

    The murders seemed organized, down to the way Linda and Jerry's bodies were posed. "Linda was placed on top of Jerry, he had a sock in his mouth. Both were tied by wrists. That order in which she on top of him is similar to characteristics of the Zodiac."

    The zodiac was the California killer who used a symbol in letters to newspapers. He claimed he committed 37 murders. Investigators had only tied him definitively to seven deaths. The Zodiac killer usually targeted couples, mostly in middle class suburban areas, and beautiful dark haired women. He used precut pieces of rope and made the woman bind the man. That could explain how one killer controlled both Briccas.

    Did a serial killer make his way to Bridgetown ? The answer may be in the science detectives could not have imagined in 1966. "We may solve this case." "

    AK - This is no doubt based on the information tips I gave to HCSD that Domigos/Edwards is a possible Zodiac crime. The similarities include a couple is targeted, use of pre-cut ropes, theory that female was ordered to tie male, body of female is posed atop body of male, female clothes are partially cut or lifted to expose breasts. Similarities to confirmed Zodiac cases include overkill multiple stab wounds, use of long knife may be bayonet length.

    In Percy and Robison the dresses/nightgowns were lifted, there was overkill stabbing or shooting and in Percy a long knife perhaps a bayonet was used, and a bayonet was found nearby in the lake. In Robison and in Bricca, the husband/wife/children are killed, and in Robison a person calling himself ZODIUS demands his words in the paper, and police say ZODIUS had inside knowledge of the case and may have been the killer.

    In some good news,...

    ...the Zodiac Killer/Domingos-Edwards murderer has been mentioned as a suspect(s) in the Ohio Bricca family murders of Sept. 27, 1966, based in large part on information I provided. The Bricca Murders fall into an incredible series of horrorific killings that happened in the fall of 1966 : Valerie Percy, Chicago area, September 18 1966; Bricca Cincinnati area September 25 or 27 1966, Sims Florida October 1966, Cheri Bates California October 30 1966. (Also looking at the Robison murders, Michigan, June 1968, with the tipster/killer calling himself ZODIUS and bodies stacked).


    There was some confusion when the detectives noted the similarity of bound male and female bodies placed atop each other in the Bricca case as being similar to the Zodiac Killer. In fact they were referring specifically to the possible Zodiac crime of the Domingos-Edwards murders. I did explain, briefly, the evidence both for and against the Zodiac being responsible for this case, I think the detectives just adopted a shorthand of considering it a Zodiac case for purposes of comparison.

    The detectives also noted similarities that do pertain to a confirmed Zodiac case which also involved a knife attack on and a male - female being bound, with the female likely ordered to tie the male, and it happened to Hartnell and Sheperd on September 27, 1969, which is exactly three years after the Bricca bodies were found on September 27, 1966.

    Based on evidence and information I provided, and other supporting evidence that they found, the Zodiac Killer/Domingos - Edwards murderer have been mentioned by police there as a suspect(s) in the Bricca Family Murder Case of September 27th, 1966. They are also open to possible ties to the nearby September 18, 1966 murder of Valerie Percy and the later similar MO of the California murders of the EAR/ONS Golden State Killer.

    Work on the case continues and I applaud the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, the Ohio Attorney General and the FBI for keeping an open mind and not giving up.

    Work continues on these murders which happened in the Woodhaven subdivision.

    The Hamilton County Coroner has sent recovered DNA to the FBI.


    The Robison Family was brutally killed on 6-25-68, near Good Hart, in Blisswood, Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan.

    New info: Three pubic hairs were found on the body of Shirley Robison, they did NOT match prime suspect Joe Scolaro nor any member of the family.

    For the first time to my eyes, actual handwriting from the killer of the Robison Family. This note was put on the cabin to deter neighbors. It had to have been done by the killer.

    For more info see: http://unazod.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=90 and


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    Good work, AK.

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    Bumping this case again, although I now doubt it's linked to any of the others mentioned in this thread.

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    TK he did a lot of his killing with bombs. And didnt the Zodiac have a penchant for killing prostitutes?

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