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    New York Post
    The city’s sex-trafficking tip line is wrong — and has been for a year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irishboy View Post
    New York Post
    The city’s sex-trafficking tip line is wrong — and has been for a year
    What!!!???? Ridicule....
    MichaŽl, please protect us all from evil.

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    On the road
    Vietnamese teen's escape from the China trafficking trade that sold her mother

    When So was 13, she was stolen from her Vietnamese mountain town and sold in China. Just months before, her mother Do had sold herself across the border to save her life.

    ABC News
    By freelance correspondent Zoe Osborne
    Updated about 2 hours ago [as at 09:18 AEST 21 April 2018]

    ĎAt 13, most children are starting high school, but not So. Already independent, she packed her bags and left her small mountain village to work in Sapa town, a thriving tourist hub in north Vietnam.

    So found a job working illegally at a noodle shop, rented a room and felt free and excited in her region's only urban hotspot.

    But after just two months, she was gone ó one of a growing number of Vietnamese women trafficked to China, a path her mother Do had taken only three months before.

    "My friend Sa and I met two boys at the lake in town," So explains, almost two years later. "I'd never met one of the boys before but the other guy was Sa's boyfriend so it seemed OK to go together."

    So and Sa saw no issue in hopping on the back of two motorbikes with their new friends. They'd be back in Sapa before nightfall.

    It wasn't until So's driver turned off the main road into a forest that she began to feel nervous.

    "He had one hand driving and one hand texting," says So.

    I asked him 'where are we?' and I asked him to stop, but he didn't.

    Eventually the motorbikes slowed ó they had reached a river. The Red River, winding the length of Lao Cai's border with China's Yunnan province, is a notorious crossing for traffickers. On the other side, the men who would receive the young girls were waiting.

    Stolen, sold, rarely returned

    At least 100 girls are repatriated to Lao Cai province from China every year, but many more are stolen, sold and never returned.

    Lao Cai, one of the poorest, most isolated and most ethnically diverse provinces in Vietnam, is a prime spot for traffickers.

    There are few statistics available that show exactly how many women and girls like So are trafficked to China every year, but the issue is on the rise all over Vietnam. Whether they are kidnapped or tricked with the promise of love or a better life, girls as young as 13 are sold across the border as sex workers, factory workers or, increasingly, brides.

    Sold as a slave

    So's trafficker manhandled her down to the water and the two girls were forced to wade across in the darkness.

    "On the other side, two guys held me and Sa and the other two guys went to the bushes to pay each other," says So. "That's when I felt really scared. They had taken my phone and my money so I had no way to call for help.

    One guy said 'if you don't stay here, I'll kill you. I've killed many people before, do you want to go down to have a look?'

    The girls were forced onto motorbikes, sandwiched between their Chinese buyers and Vietnamese traffickers.

    "They took us to a house where we stayed for a night and in the morning, they brought a dress for Sa and put her in high heels," says So. "I never saw her again."í

    Click on the headline (above) to read more.
    St. Anthony, when you prayed, your stolen book of prayers was given back to you. We ask you now to please pray for all the missing children and adults of the world. Pray for their friends, family, and loved ones in the their time of suffering and sorrow. Pray that all missing people may be returned to their keeping. Or, if they must continue in their loss, pray that they may be given Christís comfort and peace.


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