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    Cannibals sell corpse to kebab house in Russia

    Cannibals sell corpse to kebab house in Russia

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 5:06 PM on 16th November 2009

    Russian police have arrested three vagrants suspected of eating a 25-year-old man they butchered and selling other body parts to a local kebab house.

    Suspicions were raised when dismembered parts of a human body were found near a bus stop in the outskirts of the Russian city of Perm, 720 miles east of Moscow.

    Three homeless men, with previous criminal records, were arrested on suspicion of setting upon an enemy with knives and a hammer.
    Enlarge Perm

    The Russian city of Perm, where three men were arrested on suspicion of killing and eating a man before selling his body parts to a kebab shop

    They then chopped up his corpse to eat, local investigators said in a statement.

    'After carrying out the crime, the corpse was divided up: part was eaten and part was also sold to a kiosk selling kebabs and pies,' the Prosecutor-General's main investigative unit for the Perm region said.

    The grim discovery of the body was made on Friday in a forested area of the city.

    Investigators have not revealed if the body parts were sold to customers of the kebab kiosk.

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