ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (AP) -- Some gamblers just don't know how to play their cards.

Tiny Chip, for example. His three blackjack cards totaled 19, but he took a card anyway. It was a three of hearts, so he busted.

Jack Attack had the same problem. Sitting pretty with 18, he still wanted another card. He got a seven of diamond, busting with 25.

Then there was Lucky Louise. The dealer hadn't even gotten to her yet when she got up out of her seat, walked across the green felt table and stepped in the chip float, her bushy tail wagging.

Sands Casino Hotel workers used five live dogs to re-create artist C.M. Coolidge's famously lowbrow painting of dogs playing poker in a publicity stunt to drum up interest for a new table games pit.

"Sands Casino Hotel: Where the Big Dogs Play," read the sign in the pit, which has per-hand betting minimums of $500 on weekends. Built to lure high-stakes players, the pit features roulette wheels, a craps table and six blackjack tables.