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    Quote Originally Posted by nadjatheresa View Post
    Yes, I agree. She said she laid her back down at 5:30---well, what time does she claim to have awakened and found her missing? There's no timeline for 5:30 - 6:53 (time of 911 call). Plus, actual "sunrise" is around 6:50, so how well could she have seen while she looked "everywhere"?
    the momster first told dispatch that she saw her at "5:30 last night" and it was the dispatcher who corrected her and asked "u mean 5:30 this morning". IMO Either the momster was in a drug fueled haze and couldn't remember when she saw her last or Shaniya was taken that night and when the dispatcher asked she quickly changed her story so she wouldn't have to explain why it took her so long to call 911.

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    Ok y'all. I'm going to bed. (don't everybody cheer at once - lol)
    Sorry I was such a pain, just trying to get my points across.
    I know I'm in the minority regarding the father in here, but IMO there is not enough out there to prove anything on him yet.
    If there comes a time when I see proof, I will glady pull my rubber boots on and wade on thru w/ the rest.
    Y'all have a good night.

    Praying for Shaniya and all who love her.
    Glove Findin'
    Uniform Washin'
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    Always Cheerin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    It's a type of movie, usually of forcible rape, where the victim is killed on camera at the end...snuffed out, so to speak.
    just like faces of death used to be in the 70's .. i watched that once and it scared me so bad .. thinking that if shanyia went through this or rape .. god it makes me just sickened .. and so engraged .i wish i could be the one to make that b@st#rd who did this to her beg for his .her life and see them cry and suffer watch them beg and plead and scream and cry .see how they like it .... im so so sick of people hurting innocent children ..the only way i see that it can be stopped is that they get a death penalty and no trial ..if all evidence is positive its the perp .. such as dna ect .. they dont deserve to eat 3 meals a day with OUR tax dollars .. they dont deserve to sleep and read and play basketball outside .. they should be dead while that little baby should be alive opening her xmas presents in december .. i know it makes me sound horrid... like a horrible person but just how much of this has to go on? WHAT is gonna be done about it ? WHEN is something gonna be done ? i cannot lie about how i feel .. i would like all child killers phedos dead dead dead ..i dont want someone like that getting ahold of my kika .. god id die ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    Off Topic-please ignore

    Oh peshaw about being too kind Suzi!

    You are one of the many I missed when I took my break for about six weeks, I'm still not back to posting full time but I pop on here and either read or post when I can lately.

    My Son will be home for a visit this December (he should get here on my Bday) don't expect to see me read or post one single time LOL!

    I'll be flying out to watch him graduate as a fine upstanding PFC of the USArmy in Jan

    Sorry for the off topic everyone...carry on!
    Hugs Kisses & Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    My head just exploded.
    If no one makes a choice to live like that, why did at least 2 grown adults choose to live like that?
    Either they chose it, and it was their fault, or they didn't choose it, so it wasn't their fault?

    ETA: I'm referring to living conditions in general: cramped, without proper facilities. Not referring to the fact that it was a trailer.
    They Are Drug Addicts and can't afford any other place to live.

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    You just gotta love how creature yells that "No", when she realizes she almost flubbed the story. That was what fear really sounds like from her, not the weepy crap she did during the rest of the call. If for some reason you haven't actually heard the call, listen to it. I couldn't get it captured in the transcript, but I did leave the caps on for a reason.
    She practically screams it at the operator.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanE View Post
    Oh wow I missed that! Who all looked?

    And why oh why didn't AD say anything about the poop on the phone to LE!!??!!
    1. She didn't know because she hadn't been outside.
    2. She did know, but didn't consider it when she called. I said before that she might have had second thoughts -- either a moment of conscience or fear of getting caught herself -- and made a last ditch effort to save her hide without thinking of all the ramifications that would come from calling LE.
    3. Or, as I also said earlier, she thought she had cleaned up, but it was dark and she didn't see all of it.
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    Heads up... Going to close this thread. Please continue [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4455918#post4455918"]Here[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotsEyes View Post
    Shaniya's dad didn't sell her to a child-raping sick perverted mindless, souless, ba***rd. He didn't have her squirming in human ***** or turning tricks for that nasty uterus from which she escaped. Don't get me wrong, he must be a nasty funk ball himself to even touch that POS he impregnated. Lie down with cows, wake up knee deep in cow pies. Sorry to insult the cows, they are actually good mothers. There isn't any word in the English language to adequately describe this female skin bag. I don't know what the sprm donor's problem is, but he seems to really like rolling in sewerage. Pigs are cleaner and smarter. Even a mother pig will scream and attack when her baby is in danger.

    I will say right now, I would be G** Dam***d!!!! and spend eternity in hell before I would drop off my niece to spend 5 minutes with that POS. I would sooner kill that uterus and go to jail for life than risk my baby girl with those sub-human, evil, nasty demons from he**.

    Scr*w all this political correctness. I don't know why the uterus or the mophead are still alive. This vile, skanky, nasty, POS was getting paid to let grown man shove their penis' into her baby girl's vagina and anus. She should be slit open, her guts removed and forced to watch wild pigs eat them while someone skins her. There is nothing I can think of that is horrific enough for her and that mophead POS - I hope he rots from AIDS from the inside out in unbearable pain, oozing in sores on filthy sheets with flies sucking on his weepage and then goes straight to he**.

    Okay. Done. Rant over. I am sickened by this story. Such a beautiful little baby girl was wasted on these people. May God forgive me, but I hate them.
    Could u put this in a petition...I will gladly sign....TWICE.

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    You know (I'm thinking here I don't know this for a fact)

    I'm pondering this:

    Okay on the same day search warrants it has been reported that:

    ...That same day, search warrants were released that revealed 29-year-old Mario McNeill, who is charged with taking Shaniya Davis, picked up the 5-year-old from in front of her home last Tuesday...

    Then on the NG transcript we have a unidentified reporter who states this:

    ...UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Helicopters, search dogs have been out. They never picked up a scent of the child outside the home. That`s a little disturbing to police officers because if there was any trace of the child outside the home, they say the dogs would have picked that up.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We don`t have any indication that she walked outside of her home, actually physically walked away. The canines would scent on that. They would pick up her scent. So no, they haven`t picked up her scent.
    Was Shaniya handed off? From her Mother's arms into MAM's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    Well I'll be hot d@m! That is how they knew that she didn't leave the trailer. That is how they knew that MAM didn't go into to the trailer to get Shaniya and take her out.

    That's why the same day search warrants were worded to say that MAM got Shaniya from out in front of the house!

    I'll be a son of a gun! They got both of them. Good.
    Aaaahhhh it all starts to fall together now. You're right. Both of them. And that's why they let Coe go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanE View Post
    Oh wow I missed that! Who all looked?

    And why oh why didn't AD say anything about the poop on the phone to LE!!??!!

    In that same NG show, CNN transcript states (below), "feces on the back porch." During the Mom's conversation to 911 op, I believe she states she only has looked around the front of the home, not the back.

    GRACE: Straight out to Gurnal Scott with WPTF radio. The bombshell tonight is not good, Gurnal Scott, the fact that the little girl`s favorite blanket is found in the neighbor`s trash can, that the blanket was covered in feces, and that it`s my understanding there was feces found on the neighbor`s porch. I`m not clear on that point. What can you tell me, Gurnal Scott?

    GURNAL SCOTT, WPTF RADIO (via telephone): Well, that`s what the police are saying, that the feces were found on the back porch and on the blanket, as well. They are looking into any connection that there could possibly be in that. We also know that -- we know the house wasn`t a very clean area. As a matter of fact, the family isn`t being allowed back into the house because of sewage problems. So they are not in the house, and police are continuing their investigation there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberlyd125 View Post
    See Logical, this is what I was talking about. Not crime stats. They are general statements. Not really even talking about the case involved.

    I lived in an older mobile home all of my life until I married. My parents loved me and took care of me but that's all they could afford. So, you're saying, if when I was a child and my home caught on fire, it would have been my momma and daddy's fault for having me in a mobile home?
    That's what I'm asking.
    Because if that is what you are saying, I couln't disagree more.
    That's what I was trying to get at.
    IF you read my statements....you will see that I "logically" have avoided fire stats, and/or saying things about mobile homes

    I am talking about THIS mobile home....in the worst part of the town

    as I stated before...I have seen posts from people who live there and they all "KNOW" what the words Sleepy Hollow mean....a really bad and dangerous place

    as was said "where you go to get drugs or prostitutes"...(something like that)

    the stats have been published

    and ....in that "home"....4 adults...3 kids....and sewage problems

    want to see pictures of it??


    this is really a very bad looking mobile home park...rentals...very old homes
    and very run down...the one that AD lived in looks worse even than the others....with a clothes line of clothes out back

    the home the dad lives in


    Shaynia went from princess dresses and riding her "scooter" *(whoops hit the bmw) ....to not even wearing pants....just an old tee shirt

    just imagine that small trailer with people coming and going....did she ever leave the bedroom?? Coe seems to tell us she didn't

    drugs...booze...guns...who knows what?? and perverts....johns...
    what a horror hole

    I haven't gone into things I don't know about such as fires...although come to think of it crack pipes and cigarettes...that whole place might have gone up in flames

    Take a look at where the dad lives..and then look at this....and would you drop her off without going in??

    if anyone talked to her...would she tell them about the new "daddy" that lived there...the people coming in and out...the pain and the fear ???

    I do think these jerks killed her cause they had no way out..she was bound to tell..and some point the family who did love her (maybe just not enough) were bound to come around to get her

    again...this all could have easily been prevented...or maybe prevented a "hard" way....but at least try...don't just take her there and dump her there without making sure it was safe and that AD was truly ready to be a mother

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    I can just speak for myself. In my parenting rule book, no child is allowed to live with drug addicts, filth, prostitution, felons, AIDS, etc. I would work night and day to provide. The sadness is Shaniya had a beautiful home, loving aunt and relatives, grass, treats...and it was all taken away for reasons I'll never understand.

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