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    Quote Originally Posted by Amster View Post
    I thought the rumor was pics of Shaniya being advertised on a porn site were found on momsters computer. Thus, the charges against her.....IIRC

    Somehow the notion of a computer sitting in a sewage filled trailer seems a bit....inconsistant....? No flushing toilet but yep, we've got internet service? Arghhh.
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    Dang I walk away for a few hours and now I hear the man is going to be on Oprah? Is this true? Well lets hope he didn't put up any restrictions on questions (which I will find it hard to believe he didn't) because Oprah is a child of abuse and she should really get to the bottom of this man. He seems to really like the camera, guess he is ready to give up on the construction business and move up to a bigger beamer.....,but I am sure it is all for Shaniya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisalei321 View Post
    Ok...this thread is moving way to fast, but my local newscaster this morning stated that the Mom took the child to the hotel (no link, I can't find it), has anyone else heard this?
    would not surprise me at this stage...But never herd this before.
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