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    MI - Jessica 'Jacie' Garcia, 24, Detroit, 3 Sept 2005

    Jessica was brutally murdered outside a bar in Detroit on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Sept 3, 2005, 39 days before her 25th birthday.


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    Not many comments on this so I searched for another thread for her but couldn't find one. If there is one would someone please let me know.

    But this case is really confusing me. I am not clear on what this all means. The link above was all I could seem to find on this lady. And personally the article raised more questions for me then answers.

    It says
    "Jessica had her 18-month-old son, Izaac, with her at the time, but police don’t know whether the baby was at the scene of the murder."

    So I took that as the son was found with her murdered body? But then Jessica's friend then says that

    "She stated that she and Jessica had been at the bar together and had stepped outside. She returned to the bar alone while Jessica stayed outside. When she was ready to leave, Jessica still had not appeared. She said she had returned to the bar later that night and had found one of Jessica’s shoes lying in the street in front of the bar. She had Izaac and was worried about Jessica, and wanted to let Jessica’s family know that she was missing."

    I guess I don't understand was the child with Jessica or her friend? If Jessica and her friend were both at the bar then who had the child then? None of that makes any sense. And was Jessica's son found with her or with her friend who was at the bar with her?

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