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    Quote Originally Posted by doobiedoo52 View Post
    Yes, but he was originally a Lockhart. He either changed or just started using the other name at some point.
    Are we sure about that?
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    Closing Thread, Please Continue [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91935"]Here[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen in New York View Post
    Do you think we will ever really know how the last 5 weeks went for this little girl or even if things had happened prior? I did not watch the funeral. Don't want to start any trouble - but were all the family members in attendance that you would expect? It must be awful no matter what side of the family you were/are on.
    I hope everyone guilty is charged. So many times these children never get justice. Or the cases remain unsolved.
    Is there any political issues with this? DSS? Anyone up for re-election that will want to keep this story quiet? That's how things work here in NY sorry to say.
    We will know if it's directly related to the case. I'd think LE is researching her entire life, DNA if needed, who knows Mario, what BD knows...to find others that may be directly or indirectly involved.

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